File browser plugin(Extend from old file browser plugin of Curverider. v1.5

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File browser plugin(Extend from old file browser plugin of Curverider.

  • Hello,

    have it installed, cache cleared, running upgrade.php, edit file extensions of this Plugin... but:

    Sorry; we could not save your file. The file type is not allowed. :(

    What´s wrong? (i´m using 1.6.1)


  • what file type do you upload? Give me your file name pls.I will check it.

  • i´ve tested it with mp3 files. thx...

  • Is your file name "abc.mp3" or "abc.def.mp3" format?

  • I fixed it. Pls download again.

  • Axel F feat. Bahaman - Freestyle Remix @ JoMoX.mp3 if you want to know it (own music) ^^

  • Ok. I tested your file name but my machine can upload it.

    I think may be the reasons of case sesitive of file extensions are big and small.

    And may be the reasons of your machine environment, php version, apache version.

    Could you fix this?Have you got php language skill? If yes you can edit file mod/file/actions/upload.php at around:

        $allow_filetype = str_replace(" ", "", get_plugin_setting('allow_ext', 'file'));
        $allow_filetype = explode(",", $allow_filetype);
        if(!in_array("*", $allow_filetype)) {
            $uploadfilename = $_FILES['upload']['name'];
            $ext = substr($uploadfilename, strrpos($uploadfilename, "."));
            if(!in_array($ext, $allow_filetype)) {
                $container_guid = (int) get_input('container_guid', 0);
                $container_user = get_entity($container_guid);
                forward($CONFIG->wwwroot . "pg/file/" . $container_user->username);


    Thank you.

  • Please download my new release to test again. Thank you.


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