tinymce327 (plugin wrapper for TinyMCE version 3.2.7) v1.327

Release Notes

Version 1.327 Update

Works same as 326 except a wrapper for 3.27
Tiny MCE's release notes state:

This release fixes various bugs and issues. These fixes includes a table processing bug on IE and various issues with boolean style attributes.
We have also fixed so script and style elements remains intact when processed by TinyMCE but they will still be wrapped in CDATA sections for XHTML/XML compatibility.
For full changelog see here:

1) You  can simply choose plugin tinymce or this one tinymce327
(put it wherever original tinymce was - note if problems activating the best bet is to move any plugin up then down & it will reset the cache)
2) It does the same with one alteration - TinyMCE paste plugin is enabled so that MS Word pastes are cleaned up - in the view output/longtext.php :

tinyMCE.init({ mode : "textareas", theme : "advanced", relative_urls : false, plugins : "paste",

3) Did this as they have improved their paste cleanup and this was useful for the site I am working on (I have seen other sites with ugly MS Word pastes)

Please see: http://wiki.moxiecode.com/index.php/TinyMCE:Plugins/paste

4) Version change:
FROM majorVersion:'3',minorVersion:'1.0.1',releaseDate:'2008-06-18'
TO majorVersion:"3",minorVersion:"2.7",releaseDate:"2009-09-22"

5) Seems to work fine with 1.6.1 - probably with 1.5 etc as dont see external dependencies
6) I'm sure they've improved things in the 14 months that have elapsed between versions!
7) Might save you half an hour!

Mark Beachill


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