blog listings improvement shows summaries plus better fullpage view (0.3) v0.3

Release Notes

Screen A: Shortened blog listing - see the "... (more)"

Screen B: Full blog screen - retains paragraphs, bold etc but removes font style formatting (for more info see below). Default font can be set in css extension and defaults to TinyMCE editing font.


Changes 0.3
1) Summary link added to "click for more" - text can be specified in blog_excerpt view
2) Summary only shows click for more if text above summary character length
3) All tags now stripped from summary view
4) Style tag left in full blog view to accomodate image alignment style
5) Summary length set in blog_excerpt view rather than main view

Set character length for summary and click for more text in view \mod\bloglistsummary\views\default\output\blog_excerpt.php

Changes 0.2
Summary cuts to word break

Using Elgg Version 1.5?
If you are using Version 1.5 you should make an easy change because of change to comments system in 1.6 (otherwise comments wont appear appear for you):

at the bottom of the code in /bloglistsummary/views/default/object/blog.php are the following lines:

// If we've been asked to display the full view
   // Now handled by annotation framework
    /*if (isset($vars['full']) && $vars['full'] == true && $comments_on == 'on' && $vars['entity'] instanceof ElggEntity) {
     echo elgg_view_comments($vars['entity']);


Remove the /* and */ right at the end of the code so that the comments work again in 1.5

Font set in css extension: #blog_original and #blog_excerpt
currently set to size & style that TinyMCE editor uses so person
editing text gets what they typed in!

Advise using this with the TinyMCE326 plugin as it will clear MS Word html pasted that may be pasted into blogs - although this plugin also processes the html.
TinyMCE326 plugin

for some explanation of the very simple code used in this

Am interested in any pointers on code esp cleanup and php regex experts.




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