Integrated Video gallery plugin (beta) v2.1

Release Notes

Hi all,

Took a while to upload the beta version. Hope you'd find it more useful.

New Features added are as follows:

  • Enables users to browse videos from youtube, metacafe and vimeo and embed them to their profile or groups.
  • Video tagging enabled.
  • Enabled for group videos.
  • Users can comment on videos.

Any suggestions and bug reporting is welcome.


Requirements : You need to have the php cUrl extension.


Credits : Adrian Rudnik at for his vimeo search class.

Screenshots :


fig 1 : The video search Interface(youtube/metacafe/vimeo)



Fig 2 : Search results from youtube



Fig 3 : Search results from metacafe


Fig 4 : Group videos



  • Have released this under opensource licence. I don't really think tweaking the code a bit to have categories too is a big job. Just play around a bit i hope category extension isn't going to take too long.


  • After enabling, i click My Video in Tools it shows me my External Page, what is wrong?

    see screen shot


  • Modify the CSS and decrease the span across the page.

  • any ide how to add the list of added videos to the modified custom index

    and also how to add the rate plugin


    echo elgg_view('rate/rate', array('entity'=> $vars['entity']));


    this part should go somewhere,, cant figure out where :D


    thx in avance


  • I'm currenetly using Elgg 1.5 and it seems that the only 2 options that work are:

    Add a Video and Find Videos (the youtube etc. video search) the additional side bar links,

    All Site Videos does not appear to work

    "Username's" Videos brings up a blank page

    This is potentially a great pluggin were it not for the above issues which may be bugs.

    On a different note, Is it possible to make this pluggin work on the mainpage, an external page or a customized page that doesn't require authentication?


  • @booster - seems like the username is not being passed correctly as per your site's url. However this is simple, just open start.php configure $page parameter inside the function videolist_page_handler($page) for all the "case" that shows you a blank page.

    As per "different note", yes definitely you just need to rewrite your own layout inside views/default folder extend it on the mainpage. The search interface can definitely be used without authentication(just need to remove all access controls like the gatekeepers etc. if any).

    Hope this solves the isue

  • My apologies for the partial test. I just noted that this pluggin is not linked in any way to the mainpage recent izap video list. I added a video and clicked on the other links and they are all working.

  • @nocountryMan this is how I add my videos to the front page. I use CustomIndex theme plugin. I didn't do a plug in. I just plug the codes in one of the files that make up the index page. In this case, I put the codes in the newgroup.php file. Maybe when I learn how to do plugins, I'll do it the right way. But this works for me for now.



    $title = elgg_view_title(elgg_echo("New Videos"));

    $body .= list_entities('object', 'videolist', 0, 5, false); 

    echo $title . $body; 



    My website

  • Great work!  Thank you!

    Suggestions - Feature Requests  =)
    for users:
    Video playlist - either created on site or imported from YouTube. and of course a widget for user page and dashboard
    Sharing of playlists
    upload videos - without encoding, just straight upload and managed via this plug-in for playlist, etc.  with the ability to limit to file type, and upload size.

    for admins:
    Channels - glorified playlists really except that they appear on the menu bar under Channels (admin definable menu title) and on a page showing all available channels (here again page name definable by admin - should be same as menu name) with widget for dashboard
    WebTV - a menu item and page with video player only - showing videos from a master playlist admin can control.
    Advertisements - probably will require a player like jwplayer

    Hey Prateek, thank you again for this plug-in.  It's almost perfect =)
    I realize that this is free and I appreciate your time and effort.  I hope these suggestions inspire you and maybe other plug-in developers.  If you have the time, resources, and inclinations, I hope you will consider implementing these.

  • OMG!  I forgot one...

    ADD ALL button - so that users can add all video results from a search if they wish.


  • @elgg_noob. Thanks for the appreciation. The full version is due probably next month or so, will try to include as many suggestions as possible.

  • Great stuff - thanks very much for sharing this!

  • Nice, cool :)
    that there should be for files such as mp3s.
    (btw: Zaudio doesn´t work in elgg 1.6 *umpf*)
  • I realized the Dashboard river is not working. However the river on the Activities page works.

  • What about ;)

  • I have a problem. When I activate this plugin and try to add a video from, something goes wrong! My site stop to work correctly! When I try to loguot - I just see a blank page! 

  • @lagorden, which version of elgg are you using? Is it interfering with other plugin. Please investigate further and let me know.

  • I'm using 1.6.1 (the last one). There's no problem with another plugins... sorry for my English.

  • @lagorden, well i have tested it on elgg1.5 and elgg1.2, works fine there. I m not sure about 1.6.1

  • When I add a video url from YouTube I get this error: String could not be parsed as XML.

    And search isn't working too. (Elgg v1.5)

  • "String could not be parsed as XML" elgg 1.6

  • tested on 1.6 and only video from vimeo is working

    search with youtube

    Call to a member function children() on a non-object in mod/videolist/actions/tubesearch.php on line 48

  • Thanks for a new version!

    Have a little trouble. previously uploaded videos (using ver 1.1) became unavailable now. 

    any suggestion? Elgg ver 1.5 

  • @dgdeeper. I understand your problem. The previous version actually allowed you to add just youtube videos. However new one allows you to add videos from metacafe and vimeo as well( you can infact expand it to include etc also by using their respective API's just as has been used in the new beta version). So, there are some extra meta-data that have been added. You can see them all inside actions/addvideo.php file

                /// Initialise a new ElggObject
                $videolist = new ElggObject();

    just below the above code snippet where you initialize your object you'll find the following line:

               if($pageContainer == "youtube"){

                 /*metadata initialization code*/


    So, ideally the previous version considered for only "youtube" you'll not be required to other cases, just the above one. Here, you'll find (probably) two new metadata-

           -    $videolist->videotype = "youtube";

           -    $videolist->thumbnail = fetchyoutubeDatathumbnail($videoIDArray[1]);

    You can now write an independant script to add these two properties to all the previous videos.


    Another method(I would have done this) :-

    Write an independant php script which lists out all the objects of subtype "videolist" for which  if(empty($videolist->videotype)) is true; Run a loop through all such videos get their id and use the following:

                    $videolist = get_entity(object_guid of that video);

                    $videoID = $videolist->video_id;

                    $videolist->thumbnail = fetchyoutubeDatathumbnail($videoID);//you can get this function from actions file - addvideo.php
                    $videolist->videotype = "youtube";


    close your loop. Should work fine.

  • Firstly, great plugin, very nice work, easy install and very simple to use. ;)

    Could someone suggest how I would go about having recently added videos from this plugin listed on the frontpage.




  • Category: Media
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 9389
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