hnav (for programmers: custom horizontal nav that highlights section you are in) v0.1

Release Notes

This is for moderate-ish programmers & above: for your particular site you will have to go to the code. But it will work to test out of the box.

Highlighting of section you are in


Different menu for logged on users. "My Stuff" drop-down section


I was frustrated that on the navigation the section you are in is not highlighted so I put this together - it is a bit of a hack but it does work - and for groups. It provides links to content that can be customised for both vistors and members.

It provides a "My Stuff" drop-down.

It looks at URL & owner object to find out where it is and can be edited for different plugins.

CSS needs some work - but may like your theme - and my CSS is not the best.

Hope this provides some ideas.


PS If anyone thinks this is useful and wants to sort css out or make more modular then please do or just alter code then I am up for updating it!

In theory - and not to contradict site missive on commercialisation - I'm open for custom work on this


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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