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Warning: This plugin has't been updated in over 53 years. It may no longer be maintained.

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Set featured pages/blogs/events/files, as well as allow your users to create their own lists of favourite content.

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This is a GPL version of the vazco_favourite plugin. It allows you to bookmark and feature files, as well as autosubscribe users to groups. The commercial version, available in plugin's home page (link on the right),  allows you to bookmark and feature pages, blogs and events as well and can be easily adopted to bookmark and feature any content.



After installing this plugin, your users will be able to place new widgets on their dashboard (see second image)

Widgets have AJAX menu, based on jQuery.


You will notice two new options on pages, files and events listing pages. Now you can use two actions on every of those contents:

  • bookmark
  • feature

Bookmarking can be done by any user. It adds a content to the given content's widget, though only for an user who bookmarked an item. Items bookmarked this way will be visible on 'All' and 'Mine' widget lists.

Featuring can be done only by administrator. It adds content to bookmarked items of all the users of the site, as well as for new users during registration. Note - users can later remove the content from their personal lists. Featured content will appear in 'All' and 'Featured' lists inside widgets.


Thanks to this plugin you can also choose groups for which new users will be automatically subscribed. You can do this in plugin settings.



Mike Zacher (vazco)

I'm an Elgg expert and CEO of vazco.eu - the first plugin store for Elgg. We focus on development of highly scalable and highly customized Elgg websites.


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