Event calendar v0.84

Release Notes

This is a major new release. Please test it carefully before using it on a production server!

Post any questions or comments in the event calendar group (link in the Plugin homepage area to the left).


Version 0.84

Fixed tag search so it works for Elgg 1.7.x.

Added French and Spanish language files provided by UNESCO. These are not quite complete and additions are welcome.

There is now an option to allow group admins to add any existing event to a group calendar.

Fixed a bug which incorrectly removed the ability to change the date and year.

Renamed a date picker view to avoid a conflict with the Profile Manager.

Added unpacked js for ease in customisation and localisation.

Restored the vanished RSS feed link.

Fixed a bug in the region dropdown behaviour on listing pages.

Fixed a case where the page was not properly displayed when clicking on a pagination link

Added a sanity check for date formats.

Changed the listing limit from 4 events to a more reasonable 15 events.

Added real_end_time as an internal metadata value to compute collisions.

Added three features that are turned off by default but can be enabled through plugin settings:

The spots feature allows you to specify how many users can add an event to their personal calendars. This also adds an "open" filter to the show events page so that you can see how many events are not full.

The no collisions feature prevents someone from adding an event if they already have another event on their personal calendar within the same time period. (This will only work with new events or events that you have resaved after updating this plugin as it needs the new real_end_timefield.)

The add users feature provides a magic JavaScript field that allows an event creator to add the event to the personal calendars of other users. This appears on the event edit form. (Requires the separate autocomplete plugin.)

There is a separate option (turned off by default) to send notifications to users who have events added to their calendars through the add users feature.


  • Category: Events
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2015-2-17
  • Downloads: 37704
  • Recommendations: 39

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