access with fewer options - limit to public and or logged in v1.2

Release Notes

1.2 Fixed disabling control was turning settings to private - enables even if one option


NOTE - this plugin is being used in production - but you do need to test it on your site first and read proviso below

This needs some work with groups - you may wish to override the groups edit access control to point to a copy of the original. Will try to post an update on this.

This is a very minimal mod but you may find it useful.

This plugin defaults to public only access for all inputs

If you want to modify this go to the sub-folder "views/default/input", and edit "access.php":
Set the switches the way you want

   // Switches for which settings are allowed
  $allowACCESS_PRIVATE = false; 
  $allowACCESS_LOGGED_IN =false;
  $allowACCESS_PUBLIC = true;
  $allowACCESS_FRIENDS = false;

1) group access settings are ignored with this input control
this means nobody can set them
2) if there is only one option the access dropdown control is shown but disabled
3) This was done because frankly it gets very confusing for a user

Mark Beachill


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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