Translation browser v2.1

Release Notes

Hi people,
Today I bring you this module, is an updated version that the one created by Maximus Marius.


News in 2.1 Version
The improvements are listed below:

  •  Admin user can select the users that are allowed to translate.
  • The user that is translating can select the source language. For example from

Spanish to Portuguesse.

  • The core of the module has been optimized. The function that scan the words

just search for the active modules.

  • A lot of code has been rewritten.

I also, I create a google code project

News in 2.0 Version
The improvements are listed below:

    * Re-written code following the elgg module estructure for greater flexibility.
    * More intuitive system for the translating editor.
    * Backup system for the current translations files.
    * Direct replacement of the translation files, prior to the backup (remember the privileges for the module translations folder)
    * Icons to get a better understanding.
    * It allows to generate a file.php or makes the translation internally.

   1. Download plugin
   2. Put it in directory ELGG_ROOT/mod
   3. Enable it in "Tool Administration"
   4. Check permission to directory ELGG_ROOT/mod/translationbrowser/data
   5. Open "Translation Browser" as admin
   6. Select "Language"
   7. Select module to edit
   8. Save




I hope you guys find this useful and any feedback is very welcome!


  • Is the plugin backwards compatible with 1.5?

  • Hi, I will test this later on today,


    I would like to forward my idea to you also, now it seems there are a few members wanting to devlope this further I would like to suggest a very needed feature.

    The Issue is with new versions of the Core and Plugins.

    It would be awesome if there was an option to check two language files to test if changes are needed after the upgrade,

    It might be simplier if Plugin and Core Developers added something to the code to show where changes in the language have been made, that the translation browser could pick up on.


    Or...  a program that could allow you to compare 2 files, Previous English File, Upgraded English File.

    and then Highlight any changes.

    This will make maintaining Elgg for translations a lot easier.



    Once again thank you for taking the time to develope this plugin, and to all those that have worked on it up until now.

    I wish you all the best for your future developments.


    Kind Regards

    Kiwi Chris.




  • I like the way I can choose who can translate without giving admin rights.

    The layout is not bad at all.

    I will let you know if I have any issues, so far everything is working as expected. I am running 1.6.1

  • Hello, I installed your plug-in on my personal server, nothing to say.

    But when I moved to a dedicated server, it refused to work.

    I had to change the line 76 in select_module.php to :

       jQuery('#language-selected').html("<?php elgg_echo("translationbrowser:yourselectedlanguage");?>: <img src='<?php echo  $vars['url']; ?>/mod/translationbrowser/flags/" + sLangCode + ".gif' /><span>" + jQuery(oObject).find('option:selected').text() + "</span>");
    instead of the  :

    <?= elgg_echo /*----*/?>

    it wasn't working, I don'tknow why. Misconfiguration in apache or php ?


  • Oh I forgot, this plugin is awesome.

  • I click the translate button and nothing happens both in 1.6 and 1.6.1

  • Hi,

    i installed the translation browser. But i cant make any changes. If i click on "Translate" i go back to main page and the message "the called action 'translationBrowser/getText' is not defined in the system".


    Any ideas whats going wrong here?

  • translationBrowser/getText


    translationbrowser/gettext ?

  • Hi,

    I must be blind, but I can nowhere find the place where users can translate. I typed a testusers name in the settings box. But when I log in as that testuser, I can't see a place to edit languages.

    It must be in settings I suppose, but there is nothing there.
    Any advice?


  • hello ! great pluggin !   but i need to know if is mandatory to change via ftp the  permissions of the directory should i put it all to 7777 ?    is there another way to do it ?


    Thankyou !!


    Gran plugin, pero necesito saber si es obligatorio cambiar via ftp los permisos de la carpeta y darles 7777 si no, me da un mensaje de error. hay alguna otra manera?

    gracias !

  • @joanalb - If you are familiar with linux system admin, you can change the directory to the user apache runs as.  777 is always a bit dangerous, but if you're on a shared host that doesn't use su_php, you might be out of luck :-/

  • @brett Thanks for your answer.  I Think i didn't explained..  I'll try to do ii better.

    for me there is not problem to translate any pluggin via "translation browser". The problem arrives when i try to save all the work i did. it appears a message telling me that it was no possible to save that file.

    "Please review the folder premissions." or something like that.

    When i put the folder to 777 (via filezilla) then  there is not problem to save the translation.

    I Know that is not secure to put a 777 to all the folders i want to traslate, so I'm sure that i'm doing something wrong that i hope some one can tell me..


    Sorry again about my bad english.. i have to practice more !



  • thank you 

    that's excactly what i was searching for

    remain one question : is there any standard repository for translations ??

    if there is no standard repository for translations ,

     I have made a group about translations on my site Mybook

    everyone is welcome 


  • Nice job.

    I am using last release Elgg 1.7.

    I succeded to install and succed to view the page with all the plugin listed with translation % but, when I select a plugin and click on the translate button, I only see a wite page.

    Note that I can't "Check permission to directory ELGG_ROOT/mod/translationbrowser/data" because the data folder does not exist. I created one but it does not solve the issue.


    Thanks for your help.

  • Dear Author, you have made a great plugin, but I have some error message in firebug console in the Elgg version 1.7 when I enabled your plugin as follow...

    錯誤: "#language_selected1271272776 .current_language".html is not a function
    行: 277

    Do you have any suggestion for me? thanks

  • how can i disable some languages to edit, for example german an english because if other users abuse the function, the site has bad translations.. 


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