Translation Browser v3.0 -- Improvements, Optimizations, and Bug Fixes vv3.0

Release Notes

This is an update to the poorly maintained, but nevertheless amazing, translation browser which was originally developed by Maximus Marius and enhanced by Pedro Prez. I've diligently went through this plug-in and fixed algorithms, layout, code readability, javascript, and various other fixes.

I've also migrated all the hardcoded "\n" new lines to PHP_EOL variables instead.

I re-wrote most of the jQuery code that was re-written as it was giving me an "too much recursion" issue due to the excessive use of jQuery.find().

I tested this with the 1.5 Elgg since I have not migrated to the 1.6.1 Elgg release yet. However, I looked at the code and I do not think there will be a problem testing this on the 1.6.1 Elgg release.

Below is a copy and paste of what Pedro Prez wrote about the plug-in:

The improvements are listed below:

  • Re-written code following the elgg module estructure for greater flexibility.
  • More intuitive system for the translating editor.
  • Backup system for the current translations files.
  • Direct replacement of the translation files, prior to the backup (remember the privileges for themodule translations folder)
  • Icons to get a better understanding.
  • It allows to generate a file.php or makes the translation internally.

The simple descriptions originally given were:

Simple description:

  1. Download plugin
  2. Put it in directory ELGG_ROOT/mod
  3. Enable it in "Tool Administration"
  4. Check permission to directory ELGG_ROOT/mod/translationbrowser/data
  5. Open "Translation Browser" as admin
  6. Select "Language"
  7. Select file to edit
  8. Save

v3.0 Changes:

There is one caveat to the way I wrote this plug-in. I made it only affect *enabled* plug-in translations instead of disabled ones. The algorithm is much more efficient and cleaner. Let me know if this is something you want me to change.

I also enabled the english language, before it was disabled.

English to English translation works perfectly now.

As always, feedback, comments, and bug reports appreciated.

Note: If filing a bug report, please give me your system details, operating system, what other plugins are enabled and what exact steps to reproduce the problem so I can get to fixing your issue with very quick turn around.

Thanks again!

Mahmoud Abdelkader

  • Hi, thank you for taking the time to do all of that work.

    You are right it is a very important plugin, and very needed for my website.


    In regards to upgrades in plugins, which normally mean you need to re write the translations which if you have as many plugins as I have and with the 4-5 languages I am trying to support becomes a very tall task.

    My question is, is there a way to check if you need to translate again, maybe an option to check English to English for e.g (old plugin New Plugin) for any changes in the plugin, that way I would only need to change where there have been changes, I am sure this would be welcomed by many.

    Any way that is my 2 cents worth :), its an idea, do not really know how much work is involved in adding this function but its might be possible and save many hours of work.

  • I have the below image, is this what is supposed to show?

    seems to show all files es pt en etc. for all modules.

    Or is this an error.

    I am using elgg 1.6.1.

    uploaded fresh install, siteurl/upgrade.php.  using Firefox



    translation browser

  • That is correct.

    Those are teh active languages right now. Try clicking on one fo them.

  • The only issue there is you can not see what has been completed and which ones have not.

  • Ah OK. Was this feature added by Maximus after the plug-in by Pedro? I forked off Pedro Prez's plug-in. Pedro just contacted me to see if we can collaborate on a new project. Meanwhile, I'll merge the enhancement from Maximus' plugin too.

    Thanks for reporting this @Kiwi_Chris.

  • Nice work!

    I have new version too ;)

    I add 4 tabs:(on picture is polish + engish mix ;) )

    • Core modules ( only modules from core packages)
    • Full modules ( only modules from full packages)
    • Comunity modules
    • Download (place for download translation)




    If You (mahmoudimus) want i can add new futures to your version or publish  Translation Browser v4.0 ;)


  • Hi Maximus, thanks for the compliment.

    Let's discuss integrating all our work into the next release of Translation Browser through email. Pedro has already contacted me to collaborate on his work though his project on

    Would you be interested in this?


    Mahmoud Abdelkader

  • in my opinion is very good idea


  • Hi Maximus Marius and mahmoudimus ,
    In one hour aprox I will send you an email with the information about it, I already created the project at google projects, I will add you so we can start working colaborative

    This is the code google project link


  • Hi there ... 


    elgg 1.7.1 says missconfigured plugin and deactivates it :-( can anyone help me ?

  • it runs now but i see paths like Kiwi_chris and not like Maximus Marius

    I also can't save the files ... which folder do i have to give accessrights it always tells me i didn't got the right to save the file ... 


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