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Release Notes

This plugin allows users to be automatically awarded a badge based on a configurable number of user points (requires the User Points plugin). Additionally, badges can be manually assigned by an administrator and locked so that the badge will not change as points are gained or lost.


The badges are displayed on the lower right hand corner of the users icon (see screenshots). This is done by overriding the default profile/icon view and adding a css overlay on the fly. For the best results you should use 16x16 icons. IconArchive has a good collection of 16x16 icons.


Update 1.0.3:

  • Fixes bug where a space or special characterin a users name would break the css for badge overlay.


Update 1.0.2:

  • Added option to lock badge at highest level i.e. badges go up but now down.
  • Added option to display the badge description along with the badge on the users profile page.







  • My plugin is not working as far as the icon showing. I uploaded a icon and set points but when I go to check on a members' profile the icon is a broken pic. How can I fix this thanks!

  • ok, so I'm trying to let users rate eachother based on a set of circumstances. They will be awarded stars (badges) depending on how well they rank. This plugin seems the closest I will get but, the user points plugin is no where to be found... does anyone have a .zip of the user points plugin I could snag? or maybe a better solution to my problem?

  • Dude, I owe you a box of chocolate cookies. You're awesome-

  • Dude, I hate bugging you- after taking a look at the user points, I'm seeing that it won't work for what I'm doing. Have you seen a widget or plugin that users can rate eachother? Kind of like a thing, and each users rating would be displayed on their profile? I'm thinking I might need to mess around with the user points to get a rate point field.

    I suck at PHP though... haha


    Regardless, thanks for the awesome widgets

  • duh, just found your Fivestar widget, you're always 200 steps ahead of me. I'm done now, no more bothering.

  • Was just going to point you to fivestar :) It can be used to rate any entity users included. You just need to find the right spot to stick the voting widget like somewhere on the users profile page.



  • Yea, I am having some trouble finding the right spot to put it. I'm running profile_manager plugin so I don't know if that would affect it at all. I have tried putting it in several different view spots and it doesn't show up. I know I must be close though.

  • This looks like a GREAT plugin but I cant use it since the Userpoints plugin does not work in 1.7.1. Im not sure this plugin works in elgg 1.7.1.  Will keep my eye on this to see if both plugins get upgraded, then they will be used straight away. Rewarding site members always makes for a GREAT site.

  • *** Edit ***

    The Userpoints do work to an extent in 1.7.1. You do get awarded for actions on the site but points for logging in do not seem to work. Other than that, it seems OK.

    I had to change the permissions on my files and folders for the plugin to work.

    I then installed the plugins. It installed OK, but the showing of the actual badge did not work. You end up with a broken picture link and im not sure if it reads the users points correctly. Then again, userpoints have changed to elggx_userpoints so maybe i need to change a reference somewhere.

    Would be great to get this working.

  • Hello.

    thanks for your differents plugin, very useful !

    But I have a problem with badge plugin (on elgg 1.7) : When I want to upload a badge,  the name and the score appear, but no image... How can I fix this ?

    Scuse for my english, i'm a french user !

  • Same problem as littlesimon. I upload the badge image but the image appears as broken, the image path seems to be


    (Domain changed to my domain)


    I have no action directory on my server, I have actions though.

  • One more change to add to Kevin Kawahara's awesome work, to get the award displaying in the river correctly:

    Add line ~4
        $ts = time();
        $token = generate_action_token($ts);
    replace line ~13
            $badge_view = "<a href=\"{$object->badges_url}\"><img title=\"{$object->title}\" src=\"{$CONFIG->wwwroot}action/badges/view?file_guid={$object->guid}&__elgg_ts=$ts&__elgg_token=$token\"></a>";
    replace line ~15
     $badge_view = "<img title=\"{$object->title}\" src=\"{$CONFIG->wwwroot}action/badges/view?file_guid={$object->guid}&__elgg_ts=$ts&__elgg_token=$token\">";

  • Oh, and also, if you're using the elggx_userpoints plugin you'll also need to do the following:

    in the same file as above, end of line ~19, change get_plugin_setting('lowerplural', 'userpoints') to get_plugin_setting('lowerplural', 'elggx_userpoints')

    This will grab the language string ('points' by default) and complete the sentence "Such and such has been awarded the x badge for earning more than 20 points".

  • I am trying to upload Badges but It only show points. any solution???? I am on elgg 1.7.5

  • How can I show the badeges into the riverdashboard?

  • Hi Divagater,

    I am running elgg 1.7.6 and seashells theme. I am able to display userpoints on my user's profiles and it works very well (great plugin). However, I am trying to integrate the badges plugin but, when I upload a picture, it does not display on the bottom right of the picture, it shows under the profile picture as a broken image link. Basically the icon is not display even under the Badges administration tool.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,


  • ok, i see i t now. The link in Release notes is broken.

  • i am using 1.7.7 and the badges dont show anywhere only the text is showing ,i have been using it for a few months  now with 1.6.1 and all was working fine untill i upgraded to 1.7.7 and now the badges dont show .

    can you please help :)

  • I am using badges on 1.7.x without any trouble. Trying moving the bages plugin to the bottom if the list. Badges over rides the icon view so if profile is below badges it probably wont work.

  • hi Divagater ,

    i done what you said and put it at the bottom and ive tried putting elsewhere ,turning it of and then on again deleting it alltogether and install it again but still no good as i said before ive just upgraded to 1.7.7 and it was working before on 1.6.1 

    which 1.7.x do you suggest that works best for badges

    thanks for your time :)

  • Don't downgrade. I will do a test upgrade to 1.7.7 either tonight or tomorrow night and see what the deal is.

  • hi Divagater,

    thanks for your help i look forward to you getting this to work for 1.7.7,I tried a clean install of  1.7.6  just to see if it worked on that but unfortunatly it does the same thing as 1.7.7 it shows you the text on the profile and the dashboard and when you upload the pics it tells you that the pic was uploded but doesnt show the pictures.


  • Points are worked but when we are trying to upload badges the it show blank screen with points set to badge.

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