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This plugin allows users to be automatically awarded a badge based on a configurable number of user points (requires the User Points plugin). Additionally, badges can be manually assigned by an administrator and locked so that the badge will not change as points are gained or lost.


The badges are displayed on the lower right hand corner of the users icon (see screenshots). This is done by overriding the default profile/icon view and adding a css overlay on the fly. For the best results you should use 16x16 icons. IconArchive has a good collection of 16x16 icons.


Badges admin screen


Blog post


Top points widget


River item



  • Updated a few of the forms to support Elgg 1.5



  • It works fine so far in 1.5

    i will let u know if I bump into any problems.

    I realy like this one.


  • Found 1 little problem... the icon placed in the same spot with the arrow of the dropdown menu (of the user).

  • As long as its a 16x16 icon the drop down menu should still be accesible however I agree its a little klunky. I guess I can take bottom left corner instead.

  • I prefer to cancel this arrow action bur I didn't find the code, so I did somthing creative and took out the arrow icon from the graphic library.

    If you know how to disable this function, it'll be better.

    Oh, and another problem I found, is with the polls plugins. the icon sits exactly in the middle of the avatar... take a look...


    and another thing... in the profile page, even if I put a description for the badge, it does not appea.

    It a sanpshot from my site in Hebrew.


  • I was aware of the polls issue and I am pretty sure the issue is actually with the polls plugin. The badge is in the middle because it thinks the icon it is attaching to is a tiny icon however its actually a small icon. Edit poll/views/default/poll/listing.php abd change 'size' => 'tiny' to 'size' => 'small' and it should look just right (at least it does on my site).


    For the profile page issue. What is not appearing? Is the display name 'Badge:' missing or is the actual icon missing or both?



  • @Divagater... the poll icon is "small" already. mabye the problem with the poll caused by the RTL, or mabye it's because of the position of the poll icon creator.



    For the profile page issue... I thought you supposed to see the name of the badge beside the icon so pepole will know what is the meaning of it, but now I understand this is not an option. mabye it's a good idea after all.


    @Susan... I tried to follow the instructions in that page, and I realised there is no such code in that CSS file.

  • @yoram

    Thanks for the screenshots. So poll/views/default/poll/listing.php already has small as the parameter? I had this same problem with the icons on the poll listing as well. The icon looks like a small icon but it was being passed with the tiny parameter. I don't try to guess the icon size, I grab it from $vars['size'] and apply the appropriate css. From your screenshot I can tell that the icon is small but $vars['size'] is currently set to tiny so the wrong css has been applied. The polls plugin should be passing $vars['size'] = small.



  • Perfect! Thank you for your userapi and related plugins!

  • does anyone have icons for this

  • What kind of icons do you need? I'll build it for you...

  • well i have alot of ranks when i used Karma and now i am thinking of switching to this plugin. so if i send you a bunch of ranks i mean it is more then 40 would you be able to do them :)

  • Where can I find the code to cange the position of the badge?

    it is not apear in the css

    like in the pic...



  • @sam1, send me the icons to:, withe the exact ratio and format

  • Karma doesnt use icons it just uses name so i got just the name (e.g. new user, member, advance member etc)... I was saying if someone has the icons for all kind of categories then share it please 

  • @yoram

    The css is in a non standard spot because of the way I generate it on the fly. You can find it in mod/badges/views/default/profile/icon.php. The parameters you are interested in are top for distance from top and left for distance from left. There is css for tiny, small, medium, and large.

  • @Divagater... I found it and change it. thanks.

    What do you you think of giving a description for each badge next to it in the profilr. I decided to use it as a description for special users, like: Admin, Reporter and so... and it is very usefull for the surfers to know who is who. (sorry for my English).

    @sam1... I understand what you need. so tell me what icons do you need, or at least the description of the ranks. I'ii try to build the icons as soon as possible.

  • @yoram

    I am fine with adding an option to display the badge description in the profile page. It could also be displayed as a tooltip. My original thought is that admins would create a page with a description of their badges and then add that page as a url to the badge.

  • @Divagater... I'm just thinkig of the process a user will go through in order to understand what is the meaning of a badge. the first thing he will do is going to the user profile to find out.

    I find it very useful.



    @sam1... Tell me what icons do you need, or at least the description of the ranks.

  • @yoram

    ok cool. I will make it happen.

  • i have sent you in a message :) thanks for ur help

  • @Divagater... Thanks. I'm waiting for this

  • Is there a way to "lock all the badges" automatically so that you don't have to go through every member and lock it for them. I'm using gifts, user points and user point standard plugins. I have members gaining points for blogging/wiring/loggin in/inviting via emails, etc. and then they spend those points on various gifts to send to each other. However, I'd like the total points to never go down so that members don't get a high badge (due to their point accumulation) and then LOSE it after giving out a few expensive gifts. Any suggestions?

  • @Madmartigan

    That use case makes good sense. Locking isn't quite what we want there because it sounds like you want them to continue to gain higher level badges as they gain points, but not lose the highest badge they have achieved as they lose points. Locking as I have it written prevents the badge from changing at all regardless of points gained or lost.


    I will put up an update tomorrow that includes an option the site admin can check to prevent badges from decreasing as points decrease.



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