elggchat modified dark v1.4

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This is Jeroen Dalsem elggchat plugin, I only modified the look and added a couple little things to it.

  • shows online and offline friends
  • has a dark transparent look to it
  • has some extra buttons on it - photos,videos,groups,events
  • flashes on new message when chat window is minimized
  • plays sound on new message
  • facebook tooltips
  • new smilies
  • fixed minimize button for safari and chrome


  • css fixed and cleaned up a bit
  • working with elgg 1.6.1 for (1.5 view readme....  minor css to add to css.php)
  • confirmed to work in ie8, firefox, chrome, safari


    This is Jeroens latest release with the dark theme.




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      • probably the css from your theme

      • Hi, I am having an issue with users that do not logout, or leave there screen open to our site.


        The issue is users will wrongly show online, I mean they are Logged in but they are not active.


        I would like to know how I can boot, meaning logout or end session if the user is idel for a time.


        any ideas how I might go about this?

      • @cutez7boyz

        I figured out fix the issue with the darkelgg theme... you need to put elgg chat all the way at the bottom and have it load after the theme... this will fix the issue :-)

      • Hi, sorry but this plugin on my website does not work. It work only on firefox.  (not in Ie8, chrome ecc ecc) I've tried to change js.php too but nothing appened. Please can u help me ?

      • I have installed this and am able to see the polling interval refresh is visible in both the pop-up and message window. The pop-up expands and shrinks. The message window does the same at the very top. I have moved the order up and down the list of mods to see if the load order would change anything.

        This happens in firefox but not in internet explorer...

        Any ideas?


      • Anyone know of an easy way to add show offline to the chatbar?  Its kind of hard for people to find out how to disable under settings.

      • I installed it in my 1.6.1 Elgg site, but found that it's too delay. My messages appeared after 3 seconds. I'm using Bluehost. How can i make this work just like other IM ?


      • Does anyone know how to take off the list of people offline and only list people that are online? 

      • After having found how to invite, it works in the sense that messages can be passed.

        However, there must be a huge break on.  In the error log it reports:Action elggchat/poll was called without an action token. Message passing is almost crawling (takes 10 minutes to pass), status goes from green to yellow.

        How can this be fixed?

      • i gto same issue whit token but also no sound on 1,6,1

        Which is kinda annoying.

        i cant figure out what it could be

      • Is it possible if i get a message that the chatwindow opens (pop-up)???

      • In the browser chrome do not appear online friends, i can do

      • Anyone got this working in elgg 1.7.1 or in elgg 1.7 ?

        Im trying it in mine and it does not crash the site BUT you cant chat to any friends .. just get a bar with with 4 icons, Photos, Videos, Groups, Events but no friend chat options, no zero, nothing. Im waiting for this to work so I can launch my website. It expands and contracts ok though. Any help will be appreciated.


      • This does not work on 1.7.1.

        ElggChat - fixed for 1.7

        @Fusion - This works in 1.7.1. Maybe you 2 can talk with each other.


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