elggchat modified dark v1.2

Release Notes

This is Jeroen Dalsem elggchat plugin, I only modified the look and added a couple little things to it.

  • shows online and offline friends
  • has a dark transparent look to it
  • has some extra buttons on it - photos,videos,groups,events
  • flashes on new message when chat window is minimized
  • facebook tooltips
  • sound on new message
  • new smilies

forgot some files in the last release

    This is Jeroens latest release with the dark theme.




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      • @Dagorath

        I dont have chrome so havent tested with that, everything should function the same as original. This just has style changes. Only thing different is the added icons and the flashing on new message, the flashing will happen weather that is turned on or off

        works fine in firefox and ie8 i will dl chrome and check it out.

      • put up new version confirmed fixed for chrome safari should be fixed as well because they are based on same structure. if someone can verify this id appreciate it.


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      • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
      • Updated: 2014-11-17
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