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Update: The name of this plugin has been changed to elgg-latex.  There is a newer version available and you should go to the Google Code site to get it.

This plugin allows users to enter LaTeX markup in any field which outputs according to the view 'output/longtext'.  At the moment this includes pages, messageboards and group forums.  LaTeX is also displayed in blog posts and messages, but this is done via a hack because these mods do not use the view 'output/longtext' for some reason.  Hopefully this will change in future versions of Elgg.

The plugin is based on the LaTeXMathML script by Jeff Knisley (

For an example of this plugin in use, see my elgg site.

This plugin requires Elgg v1.1 or later.

Note: The plugin might not behave correctly with WYSWIG editors for textareas like TinyMCE because they add all sorts of whitespace characters and formatting that the LaTeXmathml parser might not like.  Personally, I prefer to use the mozex Firefox extension for editing textareas, but it should be possible to tweak the TinyMCE settings to get it to behave properly if you want to.

WARNING: You must always use the latex \lt command, or the html &lt to display the less than sign when using this plugin with Elgg.  If you type the < character anywhere in your latex markup then upon submission Elgg will not save anything that appears after it.  For this reason, I recommend saving an offline copy of any long latex markup that you are about to submit to an Elgg page.  This is obviously to do with the fact that < is interpreted as an html open tag that does not have a closing tag.

Release notes for v1.04:

This version should work with themes without requiring any hacking.  Also, you no longer need to makes sure that the plugin in below your theme in the loading order.  You still need to make sure that it is below the blog and messages modules in the loading order.

Technical details: I have used the extend_view command to add the necessary code to get LaTeXmathml to work instead of overriding header.php.  This should remove conflicts with themes.  As a result, the plugin no longer overrides the view page_elements/header, but it does still override:

  • default/messages/messages
  • default/object/blog
  • default/output/longtext

Release notes for v1.03:

The only change in this release is that Jeff Knisley has fixed some bugs in the LaTeXMathML.js script, so the new version is included in this update.  Specifically, \ref commands to \section, \subsection, etc. labels are now working and the script no longer returns indecipherable error codes when it encounters something it cannot parse.

Release notes for v1.02:

This release introduces some new css so that LaTeX tables display in a more reasonable way and fixes a bug that caused numbered and unnumbered lists to be displayed incorrectly.

Release notes for v1.01

This release fixed a bug that caused display equations and some other elements to display incorrectly. 

Release notes for v1.0

This is the original release.

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