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Test Fase - For testing purpose only

Provides a chat/instant messaging feature based completely on the Elgg platform.
Start chatting from the profile icon of a user, or by selecting a friend from the friendpicker on the chattoolbar. Sessions will be shown on the chattoolbar.


 - Privately chat with everyone in the community
 - Special Chat Toolbar (collapsable)
 - online/offline indication
 - multiple friends in one chatsession
 - multiple sessions
 - invite community friends
 - smileys

Version History
 - added: admin configurable online/offline detection (e.g. last action < 60 secs is active, 60 - 600 secs is idle and > 600 secs is offline)
 - added: sessions will change color if new messages arrived
 - added: on refresh open session will be remembered
 - added: remembering of chattoolbar presentation
 - added: admin option for retention of chatsession data
 - added: user leaves all chat session on logoff
 - added: user option for disabling the chatbar
 - changed: js now in the right place (caching)
 - changed: revamped the interface
 - changed: chatsessions stick to bar
 - changed: polling mechanisme (more efficient, reduced database queries, reduced connections to webserver)
 - removed: custom jQuery (lost over 200k code :)
 - removed: invited mechanisme (no difference between invites and chatmembers)
 - removed: a lot of css (hopefully better browser support)
 - added: online/offline detection based on last_action under 600 sec (elgg default)
 - added: modify chatwindow titles dynamicly (on session refresh)
 - added: re-introduction of polling interval slowdown (less activity, slower polling, reduced serverload)
 - fixed: change order of sessions on toolbar 
 - fixed: windows stick at their position
 - fixed: friendspicker not correctly displayed in IE
 - fixed: a lot of css issue's
 - added: chattoolbar (resides at bottom of the window)
 - added: friendspicker on toolbar (click a friend to start a session)
 - added: shows session info on join (only for the person who joins)
 - changed: all js in a separate file
 - fixed: emoticons now animate every time
 - fixed: invite friends shows already invited friends
 - fixed: invite friends shows max of 10 friends 
 - first release to the public

 - beep on new messages when window not active
 - expand toolbar height when having more than 4 or 5 sessions (based on available width)
 - chatrooms
 - block users
 - split friendspicker in on- and offline users
 - user option for having the chat with friends only (or other security groups)
 - user can set own state (online, offline, away, etc)
 - security of chatsession 

Known issues:
- minimize toolbar button not visible in Safari

ColdTrick IT Solutions
(c) 2009 ColdTrick IT Solutions

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  • NIce!

    One question - what would I need to add to a normal web page attached to my elgg community ( I have about 10,000 of them) to display the chatbar at the bottom of each page?

  • One thing, that would really rock: beeping (wich is in the todo list) or even some other visible (!) way to show the user that someone wants to contact you when the browser or even the tab is "in the background". Know what I mean?


  • Has anyone else noticed that the chat bar sometimes doesn't start up?

    Is this related to the fact that I run elgg in a sub-directory?

  • Maik is right - that would really be a good feature.. or maybe a flashing screen something like that. Its amazing sometimes how long it takes to attrack us visitors attention.

  • tested it , it's nice!

  • anyone have elggchat for elgg version 1.2?? And where i can get it?

  • ok i been having some issues but I have to many plugs to really list possible conflicts.. the issue is that the chat goes away sometimes and I have to go into admin and turn it off and back on again to make it appear... this is in all browsers I have it as the last pluggin on the list is there a stack order for this module I should know about...

  • @johnnystorm the issue is related to the cacheing of some js. I'll fix it in the next release.

  • @Jeroen Dalsem is there a fix for the online friends bug?  I will see 1 friend online and the next second they are off line then back online but most of the time it shows them offline even if they are online

  • This plugin has some problems when "online" plugin is enabled too. This is because elggchat is using a css class "online_status", which was already defined in online plugin.

    To resolve the problem , i just renamed the class, to be online_status. So , in


    at line 200, i replaced .online_status with .online_status_chat


    and in


    at lines 61-65, i replaced online_status to online_status_chat, something like:

     if($diff <= $active){
                            $result .= "<td><div class='online_status_chat' title='" . $title . "'></div></td>";
                    }elseif($diff <= $inactive){
                            $result .= "<td><div class='online_status_chat online_status_idle' title='" . $title . "'></div></td>";
                            $result .= "<td><div class='online_status_chat online_status_inactive' title='" . $title . "'></div></td>";

    So the bug when you could not see if a user is online, or not is resolved.


    Also , about counting the number of online friends, i noticed that when you first install the plugin, the counting is not working. To make the "Friends online" counting to work, after  you enable(install) elggchat plugin, you have to login as admin , go to Administration -> Tools Administration ->elggchat -> settings , and there to click save.In this way, you save the default settings of elggchat in db, which will be used by plugin.



  • s/i just renamed the class, to be online_status/i just renamed the class, to be online_status_chat/

  • @jeroen Dalsem.



    Has anyone else noticed that the chat bar sometimes doesn't start up?

    Is this related to the fact that I run elgg in a sub-directory?"


    YEP, also noticed this.

    Read the update about it being fixed in next release. NICE ONE.

    The colour of the Online Friends also going darker so its almost unseeable is an issue.

    ~ Mike

  • The online status is now working :)  Thanks for the fix it worked perfectly.

  • Hi Everyone, first of all thank you very much for this great feature to add to my site.


    I have an issue which I do not think is caused by your code but I was hoping you might have an answer to my issue all the same.


    For some reason users are showing green for long periods of time, I am sure before I moved servers that the color changed faster, it appears if the user does not logoff but leaves the site, they stay green.


    Any thing I can check or do to fix this??

  • Wishlist for Elgg Chat:

    • Sound alert if a message has been received
    • Be able to know if the person on the other end is typing something
  • When do you expect that newer version to come out without the problem of elggchat not loading sometimes?  Will changing that setting to 24 hours eliminate the problem for now?

  • Probably end of next week a new version will be ready.

    This version will:
    - solve cacheing issue
    - solve friends online issue
    - have beep
    - have flashing tabs

    and some more...

  • Right now we use phpfreechat  but gladly to go to one Elgg environment in future. We play with the thought to integrate normal messages and chat into one tool, much like does. For many users, it is much more intuitive to have one message tool instead of multiple...


  • Cant wait Jeroen will be checking it out as soon as you release.. thanks again for all your hard work

  • Is there a way to change the size of the toolbar? I would like to be able to make the toolbar shorter and center it on the page, is this possible? thanks

  • not a phpofreechat fan but I really like Jeroens elggchat...  I am on the edge of my seat for the update (1.5 version)

  • I have been a long time user of ElggChat ever since i created my social group using elgg. Now i have two question.

    1. Is there a way to call your chat program on othe software for example; Mediawiki or just a normal wepage.
    2. Whens the next release comming out.

    I have used this chat app on my live site and i must say my users love it

  • Due to sickness ElggChat 0.5 is postponed. This week 0.4.5 will come out, but will only contain some bugfixes, but not many new features.

  • @Jeroen

    Will the cache problem be fixed in 0.4.5?

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