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Test Fase - For testing purpose only

Provides a chat/instant messaging feature based completely on the Elgg platform.
Start chatting from the profile icon of a user, or by selecting a friend from the friendpicker on the chattoolbar. Sessions will be shown on the chattoolbar.


 - Privately chat with everyone in the community
 - Special Chat Toolbar (collapsable)
 - online/offline indication
 - multiple friends in one chatsession
 - multiple sessions
 - invite community friends
 - smileys

Version History
 - added: sound on new chatsession or on new message in minimized session (only once) (admin configurable)
 - added: flashing of new sessions or on new message in minimized session (admin configurable)
 - added: count of total members of chatsession
 - added: Dutch translation
 - added: extendable view ("elggchat/extensions") that allows other plugins to add stuff to the toolbar
 - added: admin option for enabling/disabling extensions (all on or all off)
 - added: user setting to configure who can contact you (effects only profile icon menu)
 - changed: friendspicker now differs between online and offline users
 - changed: cleaned up the language files
 - fixed: friendspicker not showing more than 50 friends
 - fixed: Cleanup cron not running (wrong interval)
 - fixed: caching of js/css causing trouble
 - fixed: css conflict with 'online' plugin

 - added: admin configurable online/offline detection (e.g. last action < 60 secs is active, 60 - 600 secs is idle and > 600 secs is offline)
 - added: sessions will change color if new messages arrived
 - added: on refresh open session will be remembered
 - added: remembering of chattoolbar presentation
 - added: admin option for retention of chatsession data
 - added: user leaves all chat session on logoff
 - added: user option for disabling the chatbar
 - changed: js now in the right place (caching)
 - changed: revamped the interface
 - changed: chatsessions stick to bar
 - changed: polling mechanisme (more efficient, reduced database queries, reduced connections to webserver)
 - removed: custom jQuery (lost over 200k code :)
 - removed: invited mechanisme (no difference between invites and chatmembers)
 - removed: a lot of css (hopefully better browser support)
 - added: online/offline detection based on last_action under 600 sec (elgg default)
 - added: modify chatwindow titles dynamicly (on session refresh)
 - added: re-introduction of polling interval slowdown (less activity, slower polling, reduced serverload)
 - fixed: change order of sessions on toolbar 
 - fixed: windows stick at their position
 - fixed: friendspicker not correctly displayed in IE
 - fixed: a lot of css issue's
 - added: chattoolbar (resides at bottom of the window)
 - added: friendspicker on toolbar (click a friend to start a session)
 - added: shows session info on join (only for the person who joins)
 - changed: all js in a separate file
 - fixed: emoticons now animate every time
 - fixed: invite friends shows already invited friends
 - fixed: invite friends shows max of 10 friends 
 - first release to the public

 - expand toolbar height when having more than 4 or 5 sessions (based on available width)
 - chatrooms
 - block users
 - user can set own state (online, offline, away, etc)
 - security of chatsession 

Known issues:
- minimize toolbar button not visible in Safari

ColdTrick IT Solutions
(c) 2009 ColdTrick IT Solutions

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  • Hi, I have two systems installed, but one of the elgg system doesn' t   display the chat, 



    Can you help me to solve this problem?? any ideas?


  • Hi Clinton, I have the same version of elgg (1.6) on both servers. the system is cloned, but the chat is still failing ...

  • just download the plugin but it is not working. i can see the link, I click on it and it does nothing. Could someone please help. New to elgg platform. working on a local server.

  • Is there any way we could censor input with the big brother plugin, please email me:

  • it is affecting the website page load time ... there was no problem with the previous version but this version is making the website to load slower than the expected time ...

  • @jeroen I know this is a free plugin but I was hoping that you could help optimize it. When the page loads it takes about 2 sec for the "Friends online()" link to show up. Also after I click on a users name to start a session it takes anywhere from 3-5 seconds for it to actually show the chat session. and a minor issue is that its not really sliding in this new version when you click on friends picker. it just kinda pops up after about a second. in the old version you could actually see it slide. in this version it isnt really sliding (just kinda shows up). if you need any assistance let me know and I can help.

  • hi Dalsen, the chat works great!

    only i have a problem now with database that it exceeded the 'max_questions' resource (current
    value: 100000). can you advice me a way in settings to reduce questions to database for this plugin?

    thanks in advance


  • @lord55 elggchat is (still) not very database friendly. We'll do some work on that in the future releases. For the moment you could reduce the polling interval in the admin settings. For example set is to 15 secs instead of 5.

    @anurag6713, @ngreenwood6 this version should not be different than the previous version regarding to the loading of the chatbar and the sliding of the friendspicker.

    @1gbram currently elggchat isn't supporting the big brother plugin. Depending on how bigbrother works there is a possibility we'll support that plugin in the future.

  • @Jeroen

    I'd love to work with you to implement big brother support. I have spoken with Brett, creator of the big brother plugin, and he has provided me with sample code to get us started if you would like. You can contact me by email, IM, or message (message me for IM and email addresses). Thanks in advance for considering working with me on this and I hope to work with you soon :)

  • WOW the big brother plugin works out of the box, nevermind and WOW I can't beleive the two are compatibile with no extra code!

  • As I understand, I can point my browser to /mod/elggchat/ and view current conversation logs, is there any way to keep those logs on the server side in a file forever? I have permanent logs on phpFreeChat and love it incase I need to provide logs to the police. Thanks for your time and promt response :)


  • In error log I have this error:"Invalid argument supplied for foreach()" in file /public_html/mod/elggchat/start.php (line 44)

  • Unfortunately it still doesnt work in IE6... I really wish IE6 didnt exist but most of my users are still obliged to use this outdated browser. Is there anyway you give me an indication on how to get it working in this browser?

  • I'm getting the same error in my error log, also does anyone know of a way to permanetly log conversations?

  • Got a proble, dont know is it mine alone.

    I have made the settings as follows

    polling interval 10sec

    multiply by 30sec

    max time session can remain idle 1hours

    user idle 60sec

    user inactive 200sec

    and enabled sounds, extensions, flashing.


    Now the problem is that even 1hour afetr the user logout, the chat entries are still there in the data base, they are not getting cleared. the garbage collector, which is scheduled to run weekly is needed to remove that entries. is it the intentional behaviour?

  • Hey Jaroen,

    Awesome plugin, we love it!!! As a feature request, could you put in a small time stamp for each message. Just a thought. Thanks again for the great plugin!


  • Hi,

    I have a problem using elggchat, i can see the bar but nothing in it : i don't know if it's because i try to chat with myself, it means that i'm testing it with only one IP and 2 users. Any ideas ? tried it with ie, firefox and chrome.

  • Hi,

    Im using Vazco avatar plugin which is below elggchat,

    Issue is the icons that appear are not the current one. The picture is that which is uploaded.

    EG if a user has a picture which is updloaded and decides to select the avatar from standard ones in vazco Avatar, All areas show that new one expect on your chat.

    In teh chat it shows the old one.

    Im sure its just a code change. Where do i change the profile picture in the elggchat

  • Bar works great, is there a way I can change the text that pops up when you hover over the close button?

    "close elggchat tool bar"


    Would like to change it to simply "close" or something else...Guess I really just need to know the file location........ thanks in advance.

  • look the language file en.php

  • A really nice improvement should be clickable link in message

  • Although we absolutely love the concept of this plugin, we had to stop using it because it slowed our site down to a crawl when it was enabled. We are using the world-friends plugin so our 300 users are all friends with each other. If 15 of them are on at the same time, the site became nearly unusable. This same site performs admirably when the plugin is disabled. We tried polling at 15 sec and even hacked at the code to try some slower polling, delaying polling etc. Nothing helped enough to allow us to continue to use it as-is.

    Would there be an easy hack to have it just list the online users instead of the online friends since they are one-in-the-same for our site? Would that be at all more database friendly?

    Thanks in advance for any pointers you have for us. We're hoping to bring this plugin back for our users if we can resolve the speed issues. It would make a big difference for them.

  • @Jeroen - I join Glynn Allen's note regarding the CSS issues with IE6 - it shows up at the top of the page instead of at the bottom and there are some CSS issues like that which makes it impossible to use.

    I'm hoping you could do something about it since I'm no css-genie.


  • pk had an issue today with my server and had to run a repair on the sql database. The vertion i had on the site would not work... it was just a blank grey bar with the javascript arrow on the left hand side and nothing else.

    I deleted the mod folder and added this new vertion and still getting the same any ideas.

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