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Test Fase - For testing purpose only

Provides a chat/instant messaging feature based completely on the Elgg platform.
Start chatting from the profile icon of a user, or by selecting a friend from the friendpicker on the chattoolbar. Sessions will be shown on the chattoolbar.


 - Privately chat with everyone in the community
 - Special Chat Toolbar (collapsable)
 - online/offline indication
 - multiple friends in one chatsession
 - multiple sessions
 - invite community friends
 - smileys

Version History
 - added: sound on new chatsession or on new message in minimized session (only once) (admin configurable)
 - added: flashing of new sessions or on new message in minimized session (admin configurable)
 - added: count of total members of chatsession
 - added: Dutch translation
 - added: extendable view ("elggchat/extensions") that allows other plugins to add stuff to the toolbar
 - added: admin option for enabling/disabling extensions (all on or all off)
 - added: user setting to configure who can contact you (effects only profile icon menu)
 - changed: friendspicker now differs between online and offline users
 - changed: cleaned up the language files
 - fixed: friendspicker not showing more than 50 friends
 - fixed: Cleanup cron not running (wrong interval)
 - fixed: caching of js/css causing trouble
 - fixed: css conflict with 'online' plugin

 - added: admin configurable online/offline detection (e.g. last action < 60 secs is active, 60 - 600 secs is idle and > 600 secs is offline)
 - added: sessions will change color if new messages arrived
 - added: on refresh open session will be remembered
 - added: remembering of chattoolbar presentation
 - added: admin option for retention of chatsession data
 - added: user leaves all chat session on logoff
 - added: user option for disabling the chatbar
 - changed: js now in the right place (caching)
 - changed: revamped the interface
 - changed: chatsessions stick to bar
 - changed: polling mechanisme (more efficient, reduced database queries, reduced connections to webserver)
 - removed: custom jQuery (lost over 200k code :)
 - removed: invited mechanisme (no difference between invites and chatmembers)
 - removed: a lot of css (hopefully better browser support)
 - added: online/offline detection based on last_action under 600 sec (elgg default)
 - added: modify chatwindow titles dynamicly (on session refresh)
 - added: re-introduction of polling interval slowdown (less activity, slower polling, reduced serverload)
 - fixed: change order of sessions on toolbar 
 - fixed: windows stick at their position
 - fixed: friendspicker not correctly displayed in IE
 - fixed: a lot of css issue's
 - added: chattoolbar (resides at bottom of the window)
 - added: friendspicker on toolbar (click a friend to start a session)
 - added: shows session info on join (only for the person who joins)
 - changed: all js in a separate file
 - fixed: emoticons now animate every time
 - fixed: invite friends shows already invited friends
 - fixed: invite friends shows max of 10 friends 
 - first release to the public

 - expand toolbar height when having more than 4 or 5 sessions (based on available width)
 - chatrooms
 - block users
 - user can set own state (online, offline, away, etc)
 - security of chatsession 

Known issues:
- minimize toolbar button not visible in Safari

ColdTrick IT Solutions
(c) 2009 ColdTrick IT Solutions

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  • I don't think it works on 1.7.7 - that's the version I'm using and after trying both this & the Elgg Chat Dark plugin (which is basically this plugin with a different css and some extra buttons added to the toolbar similar to the old facebook bottom bar) I've been unable to get the chat feature to appear on either of them.  I left some comments on the Elgg Chat Dark plugin page but as of yet have heard nothing.

    Seems an update to the plugin is required for it to work with newer versions of Elgg - only wish I was able to do it myself but hopefully it will happen soon... :-)



  • ;-P
    1.7.7 -> $version = 2010071002
    while this 2-year old PlugIn is @ 2009031301
    so - not woiky ? of course not....
    older api calls which deprecated in 1.7.7 ;-)

  • I know I'm going to show my coding ignorance here (especially in javascript), but...

    It appears that much of the work is done in the js.php file in views.

    The friendspicker here seems to be populated from something called data.friends (and related).  I can't figure out where this gets populated.

    How does this work?  Is this a core capability of elgg? of javascript? or unique to elggchat?  Any pointers to the right code or documentation would be greatly appreciated.

  • To be fair there are some 2 year old plugins (and older ones) that do still work with Elgg 1.7.7 (I've used some myself) and those of us who aren't developers won't know for sure until we try them and inevitably fire up comments such as "Oi!  Why ain't this working?"  X-D  However it's still good to have confirmation... :-)

    I'm becoming more and more tempted by that CometChat plugin despite it costing half a shifts wage (roughly converted into £'s) so hopefully this'll be updated before I take the plunge!  X-D

  • Great plugin!

    Is it allowed to use the chat on a commercial site? And how about the copyright? Do I have to put a link to the footer?
    How can I change the maximum height of the chat? It takes nearly half a page.

    Thanks for the help in advance

    And sorry for my English. I translated all with google.


  • This is a great pluggin. i like it.. and recomended. but conversation is bit slow. but no problem

  • @Thuvalpakshi

    You can change the Speed in the admin panel.

    I have changed the speed with adding a line in views\default\settings\elggchat\edit.php    go to

    <select name="params[chatUpdateInterval]">
            <option value="5" <?php if ($chatUpdateInterval == 5 || empty($chatUpdateInterval)) echo " selected=\"yes\" ";  ?>>5</option>
            <option value="10" <?php if ($chatUpdateInterval == 10) echo " selected=\"yes\" "; ?>>10</option>
            <option value="15" <?php if ($chatUpdateInterval == 15) echo " selected=\"yes\" "; ?>>15</option>

    and add for example  <option value="1" <?php if ($chatUpdateInterval == 1) echo " selected=\"yes\" "; ?>>1</option>

    So the chat refreshes every second. You have to change

    <select name="params[maxChatUpdateInterval]">
            <option value="15" <?php if ($maxChatUpdateInterval == 15) echo " selected=\"yes\" "; ?>>15</option>
            <option value="30" <?php if ($maxChatUpdateInterval == 30 || empty($maxChatUpdateInterval)) echo " selected=\"yes\" "; ?>>30</option>
            <option value="45" <?php if ($maxChatUpdateInterval == 45) echo " selected=\"yes\" "; ?>>45</option>
            <option value="60" <?php if ($maxChatUpdateInterval == 60) echo " selected=\"yes\" "; ?>>60</option>

    if you want the chat not to slow down after a few seconds. Now you only have to go to the admin panel and change it to "1".


    Just one question: How can I add a sound you hear when a user sends a new message?

    Sorry for my English.

  • @Thuvalpakshi hello still very slow even could be improved?


  • @aghein, sir just did as you instructed. now want to test. thank you very much for your help. about sound i don't have any idea. i disabled that. if i enable browser ask to install a missing plugin. so i disabled it. every user may be not interested in installing to their browser.

  • I am getting the error:

    form is missing _________token or __________ts fields

    Can anyone tell me what I am missing?  I am VERY new to this but slowly chugging along!

  • @Dan: you receive this error because this plugin is not compatible with Elgg 1.7. I think there's also a fixed version of this plugin for Elgg 1.7 available.

  • is there a way to run this on a seperately hosted server to the elgg server ? or anyone know of an instant messaging feature that can do that to save on resources for users

  • A1: Yes - but other server better be at least a VPS or Dedicated, *not $5/mnth Shared.
    A2: There are IM vendors who willl host Chats on their servers (for a fee).
    We used to have such an external hosted Chat Server until some months back.

  • Just a glance into the future of chatting for Elgg:

    We will be developing a new chat tool based on XMPP (Jabber). This technique allows for a lot of more users use chat at the same time. We will start working on it for Elgg 1.8.

  • @Jeroen Dalsem you making Xmpp protocal but jabber is not installed o shared webserver so most users don't have dedicated server what can user do then i he/she don't have any vp6 server????????????

  • When I write a chat the vertical scroll does not go down to see the lastest chats. 

    Am I the only with this problem?

  • We solved with the following steps:

    add a id div that contains the class chatmessages (for example chatwindow) and then use the following function:


  • Just came across this plugin, would love to see it in 1.8! :)

  • To complete the contribution of @gusbellino, the complete solution of the scroll problem:


  • i like this plugin ,but it doesn't work at 1.81.6.

  • it says 1.5 for elgg 1.5 use bottom bar chat, also if your on shared hosting they dont allow chat plugins, just incase saving you from losing your account : )

  • @Tina this plugin breaks in 1.8 its for older version like 1.5///

  • I'm on shared hosting and they do allow chat plugins.

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