Gifts Plugin v0.0.1

Release Notes


this is my first elgg plugin, so please don't be to mean to me ;)



1. Copy the gifts plugin to you mod folder
2. Enable the gifts plugin in your Tool Administrator
3. Select the amount of gifts you want to provide (click save)
4. Enter a name for each gift in the settings menu

If you want to add a pictures for your gifts, upload a png-file with the gift id
to the images folder in the plugin directory e.g. for the first gift "images/1.png",
for the second gift "images/2.png"

  • Wonderfull ;-)

    We've had in mind to do something like... just never got the spare time.. taking on too many projects ;-) You'll make many ppl happp-ier.

    Need any tech help, suggestions.. just ask.

  • Hi,

    first of all, i want to add some comments to the code ;)

    What I want to add:

    • a better River text with a link to the gift
    • send email notification to the user for the new gift
    • add an accect/decline gift functionality
    • add the ability to add new gifts by the users

    What I've written before: This is my first Step in elgg development. So I've have to learn much more to complete these Steps.

    I'll check in the plugin to google code (or wherever) so everybody can help improving this plugin ;)

    If you find any bugs, please post it.

  • @Christian

    Excellent work. would love to see the features mentioned above.

    As Dhrup says, you are going to make alot of people happy.  Also this is a great base for other similar type plugins.



  • nice idea and plugin. i test it and it does send it and posts to river. the only thing is the recieving user doesnt get notified. :)

  • ^^oops didnt see your comment those improvements would make this plugin top 

  • @Christian Heckelmann

    i made a slight modification to 2 files. This change activates the user names links and also makes the word gifts a link to the gifts page to view gifts...

    1. languages/en.php   changed:

    gifts:river' =>; "%s received a gift from
    gifts:river' =>; "%s received a %s from

    2. in views/default/river/object/gifts/create.php      changed:

    $performed_by = get_entity($vars['item']->subject_guid); $object = get_entity($vars['item']->object_guid); $string = sprintf(elgg_echo("gifts:river"), $object->name, $performed_by->name); echo $string;
    $performed_by = get_entity($vars['item']->subject_guid); $performed_on = get_entity($vars['item']->object_guid); $person_link = "getURL()}\">{$performed_by->name}"; $object_link = "getURL()}\">{$performed_on->name}"; $gift = "username}/index\">gift"; $string = sprintf(elgg_echo("gifts:river"), $object_link, $gift) . " getURL()}\">" . $performed_by->name . " "; echo $string;


  • Cool! Thank you, I'm currently add a new submenu on the profile page for sending gif and email notification for new gifts. I will adopt your changes and add them to the next version (hope tomorrow)

  • to notify the user of a gift, could probably look at the messageboard plugin  as it does that when a new comment is left.

    I think maybe actions/add.php but im not sure.

  • This is exactly the place i'm looking right now ;)

    Please could you send me the changed files for the river hack to


  • 2 more things i thought of....  

    for picking a gift to send, instead of using the select box, maybe use the friend picker. If you have alot of friends the select box could be a pain to use.

    and the other idea is the same for selecting the gift, instead of the select, maybe a gallery view. would be easier on the user and look nicer.

  • We are Going to test this on our secondary site

    This was a project that both Dhrup and I have both looked at a couple of months back but our site went ballistic and we had to many other projects. I have always said I'd come back to this before the end of the year Now i don't need to.

    We should get this up, tweaked and running,  and it could become one of the most used plug-ins on our site.

    However I'm getting ahead of myself as I haven't even tested it yet.

    I'll report back with my findings

  • @Fusion  not seeming to make those changes you posted work.


  • probably because of how they are its posted up there let me try this again.  put this in between the php tags in views/default/river/object/gifts/create.php

        $performed_by = get_entity($vars['item']->subject_guid);
        $performed_on = get_entity($vars['item']->object_guid);
        $person_link = "<a href=\"{$performed_by->getURL()}\">{$performed_by->name}</a>";
        $object_link = "<a href=\"{$performed_on->getURL()}\">{$performed_on->name}</a>";
        $gift = "<a href=\"{$vars['url']}pg/gifts/{$_SESSION['user']->username}/index\">gift</a>";
        $string = sprintf(elgg_echo("gifts:river"), $person_link, $gift, $object_link);
        echo $string;

    and change this line in views/languages/en.php change line 13 to this:

         'gifts:river' => "%s sent a %s to %s",

    its a little different from what is posted above but not much

    i hope it posts up here correctly


  • Report

    The plugin Works. It seems stable, no issues with white pages, db exceptions, etc, so far so good . We ran it on our smaller production site. Elgg V1.5

    The plugin should have a team working on it like the tidypics team. There are so many possibilities and directions where you can take this.

    Major thoughts while testing

    As noted above the friend(picker) input box will be non workable on any-site with any kind of numbers ( we have a lot of members who have well over 200 friends Some as high as 500)

    A notification system is a must

    Gift categories also a must or we will have to clone the mode to give different types of gifts

    It also would be a boost to be able to enable jpeg and Gifs

    Then video's

    It would be a membership puller to increase site membership if it could be tied in to off site emails such as the invite friends facility

    The list goes on and on and on

    This is a great start and I think you have done a wonderful Job and Wish to thank-you for your work on this and releasing it

    A big Thank you

  • @Fusion looks like a bad post before, works great now!

    I agree with the potential for this plugin, would hope the process stays open and public.

  • TheGiftTeam ;') I like the sound of that.. !!  l'm quiite inclined to nominate Carlos The Clever, MasterMind of the Messages Interceptor, Theme & Design Diva of and Friened of FBFKids./com to be mentor and chief programmer alongside Christian.

  • finally my requested plugin comes to life! Thank you!

  • ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i wemember yew ;-)
    and we never kept our promise ;-(
    where you been the last 15 hrs ?
    Gift Group
    has only *one member LOLZ.
    want this plugin to be rock-ier ?
    gimme 100's members
    b/c this sucka like another recent plugin izza ginna rock ! until we gotta 250,000 users ( no joke )
    al we need more now is Crklos' "Invite 10 friends in 30 secs"PlugIn"

  • Great plugin. Only thing I would ask for that hasn't been mentioned is a widget to display gifts you've recieved on your profile page.

  • ;-)
    complain 2 mucho... David...
    PlugIn's barely 1 day old ;-)
    widget.. ? wait a bit...

  • Good Morning,

    I've added the notification and river improvements. Will upload a new Version later this day.

    Will write more later.... Have to go to work now.



  • I'm sorry if I sounded like I was complaining, I really didn't mean to. Better shut up now before I get my foot even deeper in my mouth. ;-) Anyway great work. Please keep it up.


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