vazco_karma v1.01

Release Notes


This version works with  the vazco_karmarights extension and vazco_gifts extension (also in demo version).


[ This plugin was being debugged for 2 months. It was tested and is being used on a few live sites. ]

After enabling the plugin you will see points and ranks being displayed for each user below their profile icon:

as well as on the user listings:

Those points and ranks represent the number of points user got for his activity on your site. You can set how many points user gets (or looses) for certain actions. You can also set how many points user has to get to go higher in ranks, and what the name of the rank is.



There's also an action available from the user's submenu. Admin can add or remove points for a given user thanks to this action:

There's also a history of points, showing what user got his points for and showing a sum of user's karma funds.


This is a demo version of the plugin. In demo version, users have only two ranks - Regular (for 0 points) and Rookie (for 150 points). You can view description and buy the full version of this plugin on this page.

There are also a commercial extensions available:

  • gift shop (users get karma funds when getting karma points, and can spend them on giving gifts to other users)
  • karma-based access rights




  • copy to mod folder and enable
  • run the "Update user points" from the plugin settings*
  • in case any problems occur, move the plugin to the bottom of the plugin list
  • note - karma plugin will start adding points for action after installation. This means that after installing the plugin everyone will have 0 points.

Probably soon in development:

  • an icon on user's profile, symbolizing his rank
  • Morneau, this is a good point, points are assigned on login action. I have to think about the system that would count returns to the page, instead of login actions. So far, solutions I found would require too much processing...

  • one option is in set_last_action($user_guid) to check the time difference between current time and user's last_action time, if it is > session time (20min) then treat as a new login.  The thing is this has to modify Elgg core code.

  • Monreau, we can do such action without modifying the core, the problem is it would be performed on each page load, or by cron every X minutes. This would be hard on the system and I doubt the proffit (additional feature) would be bigger than the loss (more operations on every page load)

  • Hi,

    I would like to know if I can use the karmarights plugin with the form plugin ?

    For example, if a user doesn't have enough karma points, he can't access a form page.


  • Human-connect, I believe you asked similar question on I just answered to your question on the plugin's forums.

  • Any kind of a fix for "Form is missing __token or __ts fields"


    I tried langowskiadam fix for it, but it didn't work. Anything else?

  • After installing this plugin I get a "missigna token" error message every time I create or edit group forum topic. But I solved the problem by deleting start.php on the lines that refer to action "addtopic".

  • This plugin was not updated for some time, that's why it causes token errors in Elgg 1.7 and higher. Full version of this plugin is updated regularily, we will update this version soon as well.

  • Hi all,

    I've tried to make this plugin work with the plugin form. It works when a user adds a form page, he wins karma points, but I want to make this work when a user read a form page. So, he can win or loose points. I tried to do the same as for blog or wiki page : extend the view which displays the form page, then add a function handleFormRead ($user, $entity), and create the file form.php in /views/default/vazco_karma/read. But it doesn't work, it adds points the first time I read a form page, then when I read an other one, I don't get points :(

    Can anyone help me, please ?

  • Human-Connect, if you wish we can help you with custom development, this task shouldn't be hard to implement. Please contact me at for details. I believe one of the versions of this plugin already assigns points for reading pages (from pages plugin)

  • There are plugins on your site that I am interested in that I understand require a donation because of your hard work, but the fact that I have read comments posted by you months back saying you have the fix already (for 1.7) and you will upload it soon, and theres no upload yet, really doesnt give me confidence in venturing out and purchasing a plugin from you guys.  1st Whats the point of having a "DEMO" version, if most people will be on 1.7 and everytime they bring to your attention that theres a bug, your response is and I Quote " We have the fix in the full version, and we will update this demo verision soon"  I think I even read that you said within a week.  Bottom line is I am sure I am not the first person to look at this thread that can actually read.  I just might be the first to call you out on the fact that you may be stringing us along long enough on the demo version, where we will just buy the "full" version.  I say this with all respect, and am just stating the obvious, and what I feel to be true.

  • Marcus,

    I'm sorry update takes so long. We have to take care of our paid projects and commercial plugins first. After we take care of them, we will release new GPL version of vazco_karma (and a few other plugins). I'm currently working 14 hours per day, my team is working hard as well. This is not our intention to keep GPL versions unfunctional. I want to make sure that before releasing GPL version, it will be properly tested, this unfortunately takes more time than we could spend last week.

    Last time I didn't mention new version will be released next week. I can guarantee you now that you can expect new release untill end of the comming week.

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