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This plugin puts a user menu into your river dashboard.  Screen shots below:


Someone else originally put this up on elgg but apparently it has since been taken down as I have been unable to find it.  While the original was buggy, I think I have fixed all the bugs and all the links seem to work now.  If you know who originally had this up, please let me know so I can give him or her credit!

  • Nice plugin but I get an error messegae "missing token ___token" when I clik on links Could it be conflict w/other plugins? thanks

  • Juipo

    ralph, you must be running Elgg 1.7

  • i have the same problem with ralph,but only when i write the wire on the riverdashboard, bellow the use menu

  • My Friends

    Fatal error: Call to a member function getFriends() on a non-object in /home/webgalli/public_html/mod/riverdashboard/views/default/riverdashboard/leftside.php on line 6

  • Just tried to see the DEMO of this and gave this error above

  • @solierone, the plugin @ webgalli.com is different from this. the error was because you are not logged in. Its fixed there now.

  • Ok one more thing is I do not see The Wire on the Dashboard the rest of this plugin seems to work but I do not see TheWire Form box so I can type stuff to TheWire anywhere in the Dashboard and the Newest Members is showing incorrect. I have the latest version 1.7.3 installed. I have no idea how to fix this I would really like to see TheWire working and the Newest members of how to fix that part thanks. Also I have had this idea for a while do you know how Bookmarks can show up also on TheWire in a 140 Character Post with the Title and Link of the bookmarked pages??

  • @Soldierone That's why we use 1.6 xD


    Soldier, I ended up placing the add form from thewire in the Welcome section of the riverdashboard

    so that you can add a wire (I call the Stream on my site :-) post anytime the activity stream is showing
    without another plugin. I also changed the icons for the menu and added a few menu options to
    go with my site better (although a few are chopped off in this pic). Check out the site at www.viewcaster.net. 

    Screen sample





  • @DonD Very cool!! I like that how did you do that I am still very new to trying to add or modify anything on ELGG trust me it was HARD enough trying to LEARN StatusNet I am glad I do not use them any longer for my main site!!!! But if you can please tell me how U put TheWire on the River Dashboard and also if you know how to make the Bookmarks posts show up in TheWire also. Maybe even Blogs but have them show up as auto shorten to 140 Characters. Thanks again for the reply I really want to see your site looks very cool!!!

  • @DonD wow your site is Amazing!!! I am very serious!! How can I make something like that !!! You have to be a expert at Elgg to make something and customize it like that. Is there anyway I can make mine look like that!!?? I am so tired and BORED with how RapiChat.com looks

  • @DonD
    be a nice guy.. and
    publish your full code..

  • Ok just in case that link is not working here it is again www.free-backlinks.rapichat.com/

  • @DonD I would love to have a copy of your exact Theme that you use and I would place a Perm. Backlink to your site for sure and have a Power By: your site or the theme name as a perm. backlink. There is one more thing I could do is give you a script that I paid for it's in PHP Code needs to have a MySQL database but it is a Auto Backlinks Php Script Generator. I am not suppose to give this away really but I would also provide this if you were able to help me on customizing RapiChat.com like how your site is or provide a Theme Plugin that I could use and then I can change it so it does not look just like your site. So if you are interested I am very interested in making a trade : ). If you want to see a LIVE SITE of this PHP Backlinks Auto Generator Script in action I have been running it for a few weeks. It does actually help with getting backlinks back to your domain which will make your site more valuable with also more Google Page Rank and more traffic and SEO.

    Site is here: http://free-backlinks.rapichat.com I modified the script of course most of the stuff you see below the page is stuff I just added in there. Without all that stuff the site looks good and it runs very fast. It is great for a Subdomain as I have it or for a new dedicated Domain with Backlinks or SEO somewhere in the domain name!

    I was given Re-Sell Rights to this Script and I think you might be able to do it also. It was very very hard to find this script trust me.

  • @DonD c'mon dude... we all want that... =) b a nice elgg member hehe

  • Sorry.... wasn't being a jerk or anything, just haven't been here in a bit. I use juipo_green_pod_free theme with this Riverdashboard With User Menu plug-in. I am far from any type of programmer, so my changes are actually probably a cobbled mess to most, but let me try and put together all of the files I changed (most heavily to css) and get to you.

    I have had little feedback on the site but have spent a LOT of time on it... I hope you really do like it.

  • anyone having problems with the tidypics plugin? when I enable the riverdashboard, and the wire plugins, all photos break. 

    any ideas?


  • it was a problem with the translation files...

  • how do you make this theme me your profile page not just your dashboard?  thanks

  • Also, what realease elgg are u running?  thanks

  • Does anyone knows how to make this compatible with 1.7?

  • extend_view()
    __ts & __token (most likely)
    maye a few other little v.1.7.x thingies
    ( believe me - I just read the code ;)
    The UserMenu itself is hard-coded in the views - might need tweaking.

  • you see, I don't quite understand the token thingy... =(

  • TS and TOKEN are like 2 related passwords - which expires within 1 hour.
    If I give the correct pair - then you will talk to me
    Token MisMatch error LOLZ ;-) vamoose !

    Look at v.1.7.4 Login Code -->

    <div id="login-box">
    <h2>Log in</h2>
    <form    action="http://localhost/elgg174/action/login" method="post" >
    <input type="hidden"  name="__elgg_token"  value="8eec135dc8a6a1a389e7df3b625a43ff" />
    <input type="hidden"  name="__elgg_ts"  value="1290574688" /><p class="loginbox"><label>Username<br />
    <input type="text"   name="username"  value="" class="login-textarea"/></label><br /><label>Password<br />
    <input type="password"   name="password"  value="" class="login-textarea" /></label><br /><input name=""  type="submit" class="submit_button"  value="Log in"  /> <div id="persistent_login"><label><input type="checkbox" name="persistent" value="true" />Remember me</label></div></p><p class="loginbox"><a href="http://localhost/elgg174/account/register.php">Register</a&gt; | <a href="http://localhost/elgg174/account/forgotten_password.php">Lost password</a></p></form>       

    The __elgg_token
    and the
    were there before
    BUT not all actions required that
    v.1.7.x introduced the security requirement that the TS and TOKEN
    must be sent back to Engine for ANY actions processing

    "If you are experiencing missing security token errors with older plugins because of the new elgg 1.7 security enhancements, you will need to add some code to get these plugins working correctly. This is quite simple, and can be acheived simply be copying the code line below and pasting it into the php file.

    You will need to add the line of code immediately after any <form action method="post"> line that appears in the plugin's code.  These files are usually called edit.php, though you may need to examine any other php files contained in the plugin for any other <form action method="post"> methods.

    For example, find any lines containing code that looks something like:

    <form action..................................method="post">

    and add this line of code immediately after it:

    <?php echo elgg_view('input/securitytoken'); ?>

    This should hopefully fix any missing security token problems with your older plugins."

    -- This is copied from Notes by Brett/ Cash on the Wiki

    Hope this help...

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