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This plugin puts a user menu into your river dashboard.  Screen shots below:


Someone else originally put this up on elgg but apparently it has since been taken down as I have been unable to find it.  While the original was buggy, I think I have fixed all the bugs and all the links seem to work now.  If you know who originally had this up, please let me know so I can give him or her credit!

  • I love this :)

    but one small question... doubt... (newbie syndrome :P )

    Im working on a 1.5 and customising, dont knw php, but on learning process..

    I wonder wat vl happen to 1.5 plugins when elgg moves so fast to newer versions...:-/ (thinky) and what will happen to sites build with 1.5 core and 1.5 themes... :(

  • @Misstress

    Nice work :)

    I have a question: This Icons are completly free? Created by your self?


  • I realy like this menu! is there a plugin that provides this menu for the user profile?

  • @Misstress

    Thanks for the Plugin I´m uploading it. But I have one Q.

    Where do I have to put multisite.php?

    Judt in Public.html?


  • love your work on this well done.

  • Thank for yor great work!

    please tell me where do I edit this menu?

  • I think it was Skot miller's originally.



  • Cool, not sure why he pulled it completely down (as I have searched the site more than once looking for it to give him credit)...... and all I really did was to fix some of the links from the original plugin.... I did not make any of the images; those came with the plugin when I originally downloaded it from here!  Anyways, since I couldn't find it up here anymore, and had made it to where all the links work now, I just wanted to make it available to everyone else!  Glad y'all appreciate that....

  • Oh yeah, forgot to mention, this one has been tested on 1.5 and 1.6 and seems to work fine in both....

  • I was really looking for the one which works on 1.6 and I think this is the one. Thanks

  • sorry!!!, i need afacebook like riverdashboard with no BUGs! this is the only thing ineed 4 now on my install.

  • Is there anyone having trouble with 'thewire' widget's H3 element stretching the length of all the sidebarBox ?  This is happening for the  -//set a view for the wire to extend
                $area1 = elgg_view("activity/thewire");

    The H3 element is black and it shows behind "New Wire Post" and goes all the way to top, underneath the profile image."   It looks fine for //set a view to display newest members
                $area1 .= elgg_view("riverdashboard/newestmembers")

    How do I change the following <h3> tags to have a white background: or edit the css so the background stays behind <h3>New wire post</h3>?



    <div class="sidebarBox">

    image<form name="noteForm" method="post" action="http://mysite.com/dev/action/thewire/add">
    <h3>New wire post</h3>
    <textarea id="thewire_sidebarInputBox" onkeyup="textCounter(document.noteForm.note,document.noteForm.remLen1,140)" onkeydown="textCounter(document.noteForm.note,document.noteForm.remLen1,140)" value="" name="note"/>
    image<div class="thewire_characters_remaining">

  • I have not noticed this issue.... I don't seem to be having an issue with any of my installs.  What version of elgg are you using?  Maybe there's a conflict with one of your other plugins?  I'm just not sure.

  • Yes - your right, its conflicting with another plugin CSS.  I'm learning, thank you.

  • is that possible to add the share link?

  • it works SWEET on elgg 1.6.1 but I now have an option for a message board! Where did that come from? Is that in elgg core or has it been added in by this plugin ?? If its been added in by this plugin, how do i get it added into the tools menu ???

    Nice and simple plugin. Over plugins do the dashboard and make it messy. This keeps it looking clean still.

  • Sorry, silly question, just realised its my profile page message board.

    Qu. In elgg 1.5, if i click Add a site-wide message to the river page from the dashboard and put in a link in the message, it would keep the link and I would have a link that people could click to go where ever i wanted them to go on the site. This message would stay on top of the dashboard with the link in the message ....... NOW in version elgg 1.6.1, if i do the same thing, the link gets stripped, the txt is still there BUT its not alink any more even though i set it up as one when i wrote the site wide message!

    Can this be fixed ???

  • By the way if you got the Tag Cloud plugin working on your site, you can add it to this plugin by using this code ..

    <?php if(is_plugin_enabled('tagcloud')){ ?> <!-- display latest tags --> <div class="index_box"> <h2>What's happening on BlackPeeps</h2> <div class="contentWrapper") <?php echo frontpage_tagcloud(25);//this will display tags ?> </div> </div> <?php } ?>


    on the very bottom of this page - 

  • It's working fine with my Elgg 1.7. However thre is one problem. When i post in the " New wire post" there is an error " form is missing_token _ts fields". Can anyone help me please...

  • I have a question: How can you put "The Wire" above or below the "Site Announcement"? I mean, where I can find that form?

  • When I get a chance I will see about setting this up in a 1.7 test site I'm setting up to work on the code and debug it....  I have been busy doing other stuff lately and haven't had much opportunity to mess with the newest developments with elgg, but it would appear that y'all are liking this plugin so I will see what I can do.... when I have a new version (hopefully all debugged and with some of the modifications y'all are asking about) I will upload to this site so you can all share.  I think I will also be making new graphics (of my own) that you can use without worrying about anyone coming back later and complaining that you're using their graphics.... as I said, I just haven't had the time to mess with it lately.  Glad everyone seems to like this plugin so much.... and if you have any more technical questions than what I can answer, it might be a good idea to ask one of the actual elgg developers on this site - I am more of an HTML coder and have gotten pretty good at modification and debugging but please be aware that I have not yet learned how to write elgg code on my own!  Thanks.

  • Installed on elgg 1.7 and work fine but i have only a question, where can i translate the user menu?


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