Multisite Pack v2.1core1.6

Release Notes

Multisite Pack 2.1 Beta for elgg 1.6

This is the Multisite Pack, containing Patches to Elgg Core, Plugins and Documentation.

This is a Work in progress. For more details, suggestions, report bugs and so on, refer to the group:

This software is still in beta, suitable only for skilled developers and can be used on production sites at your own risk!

2.1 Changes

  • some hacks hase been cleaned up and optimized 
  • some hacks has been moved to plugin via hooks 
  • added a setting to multisite to allow automatic subscription of new users to all sites 
  • added an admin page to subscribe all users to a pre-existing site persistent session roaming through sites, with single sign out

The Multisite Pack contains:

  • folder “docs”: with documentation for developers 
  • folder “patches”: with patches to be applied to Elgg's core files 
  • file “”: containing all Elgg's Core files already patched and plugins


This plugin allows the dynamic creation of subdomains.
So you have to :

- in your vhost : add an alias
- in your dns : add * A

If you are using wamp, you won't be able do create subdomains dynamically so you have to pre-declare you subdomains in your windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts file


  1. Unzip the Pack in a suitable place 
  2. Unzip the source file 
  3. Copy the mod/multisite folder in the mod of your Elgg installation 
  4. copy the file from engine/lib/multisite.php from the lib folder to your Elgg installation 
  5. Apply the patches to the corrispondent Elgg's core files (for example: engine-lib-elgglib.patch must be applied to engine/lib/elgglib.php
  6. Enable the multisite plugin 
  7. add a new row to your river table, call it site_guid (bigint) 
  8. add a new row to your system_log table, call it site_guid (bigint) 
  9. go to admin->communities menu -> init multisite and init the plugin with your default value 
  10. go to admin->communities menu -> Plugin setting and set your installed plugins as global, local, theme or hidden

Plugin multimsg :

This is an alternative of the standard messages plugin. 2 major features are implemented in this one:

  • the inbox contains all your messages, whatever the community where you have received them 
  • You can select your friend from a choice of community


  1. Unzip the Pack in a suitable place
  2. Unzip the source file in your Elgg root directory. It will overwrite modified core's files, add new core file (elgg/lib/multisite.php), add plugins (multisite and multimsg)
  3. go to point 6 of standard installation 


  • Category: Misc
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 2672
  • Recommendations: 1

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