New Profile Redirector v0.1

Release Notes

Another fork of Jeroen Dalsem's excellent LoginRedirector 2.0 plugin.

New Profile Redirector allows site administrators to configure a custom URL which new users will be sent to after they first edit and save their profile in your Elgg system.  Configure this by viewing the plugin's settings in Tool Administration.

This can be useful for providing new users with an initial guided workflow through your site.  For example, on my Elgg site, I am using this plugin in conjunction with First Login Redirector to:

  1. Push users to their Profile Edit page when they log in for the first time
  2. Then, after the user edits his profile, push him to a New Post form in a general purpose social Group, to introduce himself

(I'm hoping to release a plugin that provides the configuration for this entire workflow ... when I have some free time "soon" ... )

Please follow & contribute to this plugin's development on GitHub:

Originally developed at Columbia University's Center for New Media Teaching & Learning.


  • New Profile Redirector works by setting a metadata flag on user entities when they first edit their profile.  This means that, if you install this plugin on an existing site, all existing users will experience your New Profile Redirector workflow the first time they save their profile after plugin installation, whether or not they've already updated their profile before you installed the plugin.  To work around this, you can manually set `$user->profile_updated=1;` for all users in your system.
  • I'm not very happy with that `user->profile_updated=1` system, so please let me know if you've got any better ideas :)
  • This plugin currently triggers (but does not actually use) a ('firstprofileupdate', 'user', $user) event that other plugins could hook into.  I'll probably end up moving this event definition into the First Time Events package, but I'd like to hold off until I feel better about the implementation.
  • @ ejucovy

    Thanks for the plugin. Is really usefull. I have some Q's. What do I have to write if I want to redirect my first login users to the profile?And may I re-redirect again (twice) the first login user?

    Thanks in advance


  • @Daniel,

    I'm glad to hear it's been useful!

    > What do I have to write if I want to redirect my first login users to the profile?

    To send users to the profile page after first login, look at First Login Redirector.  You can configure that plugin to point users to their profile.

    > And may I re-redirect again (twice) the first login user?

    Not sure I understand what you mean here?


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