First Time Events v0.1

Release Notes

This plugin is intended to be used by other developers.  It does not provide any functionality on its own.

The first_time_events plugin provides event triggers for "first time" actions.  If this plugin is installed, your custom code can use the following event hook to perform some behavior on each user's first login:


Please follow & contribute to this plugin's development on GitHub:

Originally developed at Columbia University's Center for New Media Teaching & Learning.

  • hmmm ;-)
    Now This is *cool ;-)
    not a plugin but a plugin to help create plugins !!!
    maybe we'll have an Elgg IDE called ElggWeaver ;-) to do stuff like this and more...

    You have probably seent the other similar plugins, e.g. login redirector and so on.. I do believe some people gave asked for functionality that can created quite easily using your tenplate..

    There is a list of Elgg Events ( O put that up even tho most ppl don't don;t seem to view it, but it has ome interesting info..) somewhere  on Hackers Elggalaxy which might interest you if you want to look at those to see what other events could be intercepted and extended in this way...

  • @dhrup,

    Thanks for the encouragement!  I wasn't sure if others would find this approach useful but it seemed worth putting out there. :)

    I think in order for this approach to work well there will ultimately need to be some way for plugins to signal dependencies on other plugins, and/or to configure dependencies.  I don't really have a clue how to approach that yet but I'm hoping it will be solveable. :)

    BTW I'm basing this whole approach of plugins-to-help-write-plugins (or, even more generally, code-to-help-write-code) on my friend Jeff Hammel's similar approach to building plugins for the Trac framework: -- he convinced me of the approach and I'm hoping that we can share solutions even across platform & programming language -- the problem seems general enough, anyway.

  • Have a look here

    There's not too much detail there yet - not many people have commented ;-(

    "dependencies" and "conflicts" are complementary. if you wanna dicsuus dependencies there as well.. feel welcome, but be ready to talk lexical analysis, parsing (LLR), etc.. at least with a simplistic level approach ;-)

  • This looks very interesting and could be of enormous use

    If I get this right it can direct a first time user anywhere on the site eg. a page or a group but the next time he/she signs in then they go the normal route. This could be a mile stone to get people started. I am going to test this on my secondary live site and see what happens

    Thanks for your work. You could of saved hours off the learning curve for new members with this

    I'll report back on my findings once I have time to implement it.

    Thank's for your work on this

  • hmmm more posibilities come to mind

    I wish I had more time

    If I moved to mars would the days be longer? then i maybe could do all i want and still have time to sleep

  • how can i use this one to redirect to the edit profile page ??

  • @Jaya

    Not be in hurry ;-)

    some of us have 2am in morning lol ;-) do you wake up so early ? I checked yr timezone !

    however... i will give you the URI to direct tyo tomorrow ;-) if my other friends don't beat me to the TKO ;-)

  • @Jayadeep,

    You'll want to register an event handler for firstlogin which sets the "redirect to" URL -- the most direct way would be something like (in your start.php)

    function redirect_to_edit_profile() {

      $_SESSION['last_forward_from'] = ""


    register_elgg_event_handler('firstlogin', 'user', 'redirect_to_edit_profile');

    Make sure you install & enable First Time Events -- otherwise the 'firstlogin' event will never be triggered.

    This is actually the exact behavior I'm defining on my Elgg site using First Time Events. :)  I've written a plugin that does this a little more elegantly (based on login_redirector plugin) which I'll try to clean up and release this week.

  • Thanks ejucovy, it is working now in my site ;-)

  • I've released a First Login Redirector plugin which lets administrators configure a URL to redirect users to after their first login only.  It requires First Time Events to be installed.  It is based on (AKA forked from) jdalsem's excellent LoginRedirector plugin; in a future version I'm hoping that the two plugins can share the common code.

  • i take it i could use this to send a pre writen notification to the new user? lol how?


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