ThemeColdTrick v0.1

Release Notes

In the process of trying to get new insights in how things work in Elgg i developed this plugin.

- Content has a 100% width layout
- Slide in/out messages

Have fun with it.



  • Wow, Jeroen!  This is sweet!

    tinymce doesn't handle the resizing well.  It stays at original width at page load time.

    The following are not wide? why? do I have to change something?

    custom_index, dasboard, profile page

    Oh and the energy beam thing is freaking awesome!  :-)


  • Hi, Jeroen

    Nice work! I like the system message box very much

    But there is a little problem with my frontpage, the #index_left and #index_right are both too wide (462px) thus are displayed in a wrong layout.

    I don't know how to fix it...

  • Some things just don't work that well with 100% width. It is mostly because somewhere in the mod fixed width are used. I just didn't have the time to fix them all.

    Therefore i chose to keep the custom_index and the widget layouts to their default.

  • Paige-AKA_Stormy

    hey can i get some black, red and white? one, or can i make the changes to it? i  ask usly so hope none minds a paerson asking to make changes to some things. i do get annoying when i do ask but some rather be asked, some just dont care. but i need it for my main system doamin and both are tied together.

    im sorry but we use anarchy colors red black and white

    i wanted to stay with the colors. our themes use to be blue till anarchy productions unlimited and anarchy radio productions, now anarchy productions radio, both became ours as and service 3 years ago.

    it was given to me in part by a few anarchy memebers i did stuff for, so i rather stay anarchy colors.

  • This theme looks too cool and i have adjusted it to in my profile. I alwyas look for new impressive themes so that i can enjoy working on the website and the second thing when someone else visit's on your page, he/she gets little impressed and always asks for where to get these themes. I have tried lots of themes on lots of websites. Its also a good one.

  • thanks for this theme

    i test this for my site

Jeroen Dalsem

Owner of ColdTrick IT Solutions, developing social networking sites for the dutch market


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