Google Translation in Header Contents v1.0.1

Release Notes

In order to install, all you have to do is to unzip and replace your header_contents.php file in

views/default/page_elements/ - replace the header_contents.php file with this one and you are done!

This will place a google translator to the right of your title.

Mod has been developed in a collaborative effort between DJ Stormy of  CMJ Productions and Mistress RavenGoth of Demented Mind Productions due to need and popular demand.  Now you will be able to offer translation to all those coming into your site from foreign lands (or those whose native site is in another language) - will translate from any of the 35 languages to any of the 35 languages.

Note: will not retranslate back into the core language of site.

Enjoy!  To see a working demo, visit us at

Version Update : Now offering Estonian due to request!

Mistress RavenGoth

Graphic and web designer, HTML hand-coder, Joomla and elgg install and modification. My elgg sites include: (internal elgg), &


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