Release Notes

This is my update of the Help 0.3.0 put up by BogieDE

For a live demo - 1.5 is here (Rock Me Social)

1.6 Demo here - Femelgg 1.6 Showcase (links are at the bottom of page)

1.0 demo is here (Demented Minds)

Another note -  if you have the vasco topbar installed, there may be issues.  On some sites you may be able to just put the help mod below the top bar and it will display.  On some sites you may need to separately link into the help files (for instance, use your footer to link into the help files - example can be seen on Femelgg) while having the vasco topbar BELOW the help mod.

Mistress RavenGoth

Graphic and web designer, HTML hand-coder, Joomla and elgg install and modification. My elgg sites include: (internal elgg), &


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