Friend Request v1.1(Vasco Topbar solution) v1.1

Release Notes

If you have vasco top bar and Friend request plugin you may be having a problem with the wrapping of items in the topbar (menu items being pushed off the topbar when the friend request icon appears). This plugin is just a modification of the freinds_request V1.1 and does not fix that problem. What it does is removes the icon from the topbar and displays a user friendly icon beneath the topbar which generally looks like it's meant to be there.

This in turn prevents the friend request icon from upsetting other menu items in the topbar.

I'm not an Elgg developer or even a PHP developer, so I'm not sure if it'll work on everyones system. I just made it for my site and I figured that perhaps it would be usefull to others too.

The friends request plugin that I modified was version 1.1 

The files I modified were:



And I added an image:


I also put some extra images in the graphics/icons folder called "Alternate1.gif" and "Alternate2.gif", if you prefer those icons then you can rename one of them to FrindRequestIcon.gif to replace the one that I've added. please note that if you change the image you will have to adjust the height and width in the css file: mod/friend_request/views/default/friendrequest/css.php (under .Friend_Request_Icon)

Hope this helps!


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