Release Notes

This module was originally written by Cash. I used this file to start learning developing elgg modules by enhancing an existing one. Thanks to Cash.

The Help text can be eddited in the language file (not within the module source itself). you can use some editor like the translationbrowser. That makes it easy to edit and/or translate the help textes.

Automaticly set links on the left sidebar and links to get through the possibly very large FAQ makes it easy to navigate (also back to top).

Hope you like this enhancement of Cash's module.

Help does override the toolbar view !!

Changes from 0.2.1 to 0.3.0
- removed bug I described in the last versions comment
- added ability to use the $vars['url'] in the language file to add images

  • Thanks BogieDE thats fantastic! A great plugin and very very useful being able to add screenshots too now.

  • Thanks Glynn, if you have more requests, please let me know.

  • I know this might be a stretch but something that would be awesome for the future release would be the ability to embed videos into that page too.

  • Oh, sounds ok, but I never embedded videos before.
    What kind of videos do you have in mind?

  • @bogiede one other thing that would enhance your plugin is to make it easier to add questions and edit questions and add pages when there becomes a massive amount of FAQ's.

    Also if you could add a feature that allows users to ask questions have them solved that would be great also.

  • @Ukr: I don't know. He just told me I might continue developing it, because he has all he needs with his version he published this week. Why did you ask? Do you know him?

    @twitface: Yes, right now I'm working on an admin interface to enter the data using forms. But because I'm still new to elgg, that may take a few days.
    Your second: I'm not sure wether such help system for users asking their questions is really something for this small mod. The reason is that the questions users asking seem not to be ready to be published with Help. But let's do it step by step, ok?!

  • @BogieDE, I think it is good that you are continuing this plugin. No worries. I just know that Cash is amazing in his own right and he does continue to work on his plugins. So, I wondered how he reacted to this plugin so quickly being taken over. But that's not my business. So, I was just curious.

  • @bogiede I understand I am new to Elgg also and started with a small plugin almost like Hello world, but it added some stuff to the I know what you mean by your still learning how to code plugins for elgg based sites.

  • @Ukr: I'll ask him again wether he's fine with my continuation. Thanks for this hint!

  • Hi BogieDE, i was thinking some flv formatted videos. So maybe even just adding a simple free flv player onto the help something like should do the trick.

  • I completely support BogieDE and his work on this plugin. He had already asked me whether I intended to continue developing this plugin and I said no.

  • Thanks Chash. As it is GPL confirm, You'll be allways mentioned as author within these files.

  • ah, can we al group hug and break out our FOSS toys?


    :-)  seriously, great to see true community of FOSS!

  • i think he is reffering to camtasia type tutorials added to the content... if you can added embed code to the content that should be enough to add video tutorials.

  • Great plugin. Nice goin'.

    Has anyone out there modified an "eng.php" file yet to contain limited "real" information?  If so, share.

    I'm installing both Help 0.3.0 and the FAQ 1.5 plugin on the same Elgg. I've configured FAQ to permit community members submit questions and hope we get enough to add user generated questions and answers on the "Frequently Asked" Help menu.

    I've done this before with questions submitted via e-mail. Using FAQ for question submission makes it easier.

    If it works, it was a good idea. The jury is still out.

    If I get some decent support Q's and A's, I'll post them here for folks to use.



  • Nice work !!


    would be nice to have the FAQ etc manageble through the webinterface, maybe look at the code for the "skills widget" it has a pretty simple interface to handle adding new skills and subskills from Administrator


    I had one issue with this plugin as it overrode my theme for my sites topbar

    Easy fix is to add the following code to your theme's elgg_topbar.php (compare the files if you dont know where it should go)


    $help_menu['Overview'] = $vars['url'] . 'pg/help/overview';

    $help_menu['FAQ'] = $vars['url'] . 'pg/help/faq';


    <ul class="topbardropdownmenu" id="helpmenu">

    <li class="drop"><a href="#" class="menuitemtools"><?php echo(elgg_echo('help')); ?></a>



    foreach($help_menu as $key=>$value) 


    echo "<li><a href=\"{$value}\">" . elgg_echo("help:".strtolower($key)) . "</a></li>";






    and make sure your Custom Theme is Last in your plugin order (bare in mind, if you disable the plugin it wont remove it from your layout)



    Otherwise Excellent work

  • It is getting confusing now. First Cash started this mod. Then BogieDE took it over, with Cash's approval. And now I can't tell if someone else has picked up this same mod or has started their own? It would be good to have one official Help/FAQ mod that everyone can contribute too, maybe like TidyPics?


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