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Release Notes

Included in the pack


  • Members with ramdom member generator
  • ImprovedMessages
  • ImprovedProfile
  • ImprovedRiverdashboard
  • Straycat_bag lib
  • Uservalidation fix
  • remove members,messages,profile,riverdashboard,uservalidation and straycat_bag folder in your elgg install's mod folder.DO NOT remove blog
  • extract all folders in the zip under plugins_from_snow into mod
  • go to elgg admin panel,move straycat_bag plugin to the bottom
  • active them
Details about every plugin
Not included
  • When comment on a blog post,move the post to the top of river instead of show a comment feed.Some people may like this idea but I don't.Still I'm pleasure to tell how to make it,plz mail me.
  • I'm not sure if the river work with Tidypic1.6 fine.I'm not sure when will I have time to check this.


  • helo snow:) thx for the update, but i have still the same problem, when i add some infos like gender in profile setting and then i save..after come a white screen and nothing saved ?

  • and when i delete a comment in dashboard i have the same prob with with screen, but the comment are deleted after... sorry douplepost cant edit my firts post

  • i replaced the uservalidation module and bring t to the bottom... but i got still redirected to the frontpage ... what the hell im making wrong? 

  • @dude77 @ben I guess some plugin conflicts with my plugins.Try to disable all other plugins to see if problem disappears.Them enable them one by one,that may find the bad guy.


  • oh thanks i will try this and tell you what it was! Thanx!

  • i disabled all plugins and only enable the uservalidation but i get the same error... 

  • @ben I can't repeat this problem in my environment.May you try it on a fresh elgg installation even on another computer?

  • @ben I found your comment on an early version of uservalidation in German.I'm sorry I can't read German.Do that texts mean the same problem?

  • hi snow, i only install profile and dasboard..its important to install Straycat_bag: lib codes for other plugins,when yes maybee thats the prob :)

  • hi Snow,

    i have  white page all over the site after i able it

    is it compatible wth uservalidationbyemail?


  • Hi Snow,

    is it correct that your modified profils doesn't work together with flexprofile correctly? When I'm testing that, the tabbed view of the profile (from flexprofile) soesn't show up.


  • Hi Snow,

    When the profile mod is activated I get an error when trying to add or remove friends...

    "Form is missing __token or __ts fields"

    I am using the latest SVN build.

  • @ben i think you downloaded my plugin entitled autodash ... and if you try using it with snows dash, it won't work. Im not sure that is your problem, but it may be.

  • @snow:

    how can i make the inbox on the messages plugin have the messages closed by default?

  • had issue with profile plug not being able to change the profile fields from admin panel... rolling back to default for now.

    Be sure to back up your mods folks

  • I'm so sorry that I've been quiet for days.And this may last till middle of september.I know it's not easy to belive that I have no time for all this fix requst -- most of them looks just a little thing.I'm sorry,I've put all my time on another project this days and I'm too young to handle programming as job and programming as leisure--I just put all my time on someting.

    I'll be back and fix all that I thought I should fix,I promise.Before this,try do that yourself,may you enjoy that happiness in creation.}:)

  • dude i installed the profile mod now everything is missed up in the profile tap when i installed the mod its show the elgg welcome blue and yellow page and a huge error so i tried to go back and disable the mod but it woudlnt allow me so i deleted the file's of the mod and it worked but the profile is still missed up!!

  • @snow

    how can i have the comments on riverdashboard closed by default? Goin nuts trying to figure this out

    oh on a side note i cleaned up the tidypics thing where you would get this %s....


    here is a fix for the tidypics issue with %s displaying:

    in views/default/river/object/image/create.php

    replace the contents between the php tags with this:

         * @author Snow.Hellsing <>
         * @copyright FireBloom Studio
         * @link

        $performed_by = get_entity($vars['item']->subject_guid);
        //$image = get_entity($vars['item']->object_guid);
        $object = get_entity($vars['item']->object_guid);
        if($object->title) {
            $title = $object->title;
        } else {
            $title = "untitled";
        $url = $vars['url'];
        $album = get_entity($object->container_guid);
        $mime = $object->mimetype;
        $person_link = "<a href=\"{$performed_by->getURL()}\">{$performed_by->name}</a>";
        $image_link = "<a href=\"" . $object->getURL() . "\">" . $title . "</a>";
        $album_link = "<a href='". $album->getURL() . "'>" . $album->title . "</a>";

        $summary .= sprintf(elgg_echo("image:river:created"),$person_link, $image_link, $album_link);

        $goto_full = "<a href=\"{$object->getURL()}\" target=\"_blank\" class=\"goto_full\" id=\"image_toggle-{$object->guid}\">".elgg_echo('river:image:goto_full')."</a>";
        $thumb = "<img src=\"{$url}mod/tidypics/thumbnail.php?file_guid={$object->guid}&size=small\" border=\"0\" alt=\"thumbnail\"/>";
        echo elgg_view('river/item/extra',
                            'body'=>$summary.' - '.$goto_full.'<br />'.$thumb,

  • Snow, thanks a lot for your sharing.

    Unfortunately, the user validation plugin does not work with Elgg 1.6 or 1.6.1.  It would be great if we could get it to work with these recent versions. I am willing to donate.

    Thanks, Alex

  • Anyone any idea how to make the album cover displayed in the river/activity into a smaller one ?

  • Looking forward the stable version.

  • Should I replace the default plugins such as members, profile,riverdashboard and so on with your's?

  • i was unable to enable strycat plugin if any one interested i can give him my admin panel for csuggesting why


This cat has travelled far far away and dont know when will come back.I still remember my promises.Sorry,guys.


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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