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NOTE: I have no tested it in diferent situations, it works for me.

This plugin is to see the user genealogy tree for parents and descendants

Genealogy descendants tree

You should use Kevin's form and flexprofile plugin because I haven't tested it with the core personalization profile fields, but maybe it works. Basically I needed an option choices field for gender, and I think that the core profile fields hasn't it.

You need to add the next profile fields: gender (choices M and F - for male and female), lastname (text) and four fields more: father,mother, birthday and dieday that I will explain below.

This plugin adds some field types to the profile form that is generated by the flexprofile plugin of Kevin.
At the moment I have defined the field type:

  • "man" with the list of all men users
  • "woman" with the list of all women users
  • "date" with three pulldown fields

Then you must create profile fields like

  • "father"(with field type "man")
  • "mother"(with field type "woman")
  • "birthday"(with field type "date") it's not necessary if you have "List user celebrations like birthday and others" plugin enabled
  • "dieday"(with field type "date") it's not necessary if you have "List user celebrations like birthday and others" plugin enabled

If you use these names then the widget and the plugin can show these dates. In a future I want to add a marriage field.

This version is independent from "List user celebrations like birthday and others" plugin

The plugin add a relationship between user and father, and another between user and mother. At the moment only a mother and a father is possible.


  • Copy in the "mod" folder
  • Create the necessary fields before enabled the plugin
  • This plugin override the view profile/listing manteining all the core funcionality, be careful if you use another plugin that override the same view because then you see the surname list different
  • Enable it

More graphic instructions (here)

How to use it

In your "tools" menu appears a "genealogy tree" option where you will see a list with all users.
The list will show, the name of user, lastname, birthday, die day, descendants icon, parents icon

If you Select to see the ascendants or descendants from a user, you will see a two generations tree.
I have drawn the tree with a javascript library (wz_jsgraphics.js) for the lines.

You can see the surnames list, also.

I'm not a code generator, I'm a user with certain php knowledge. This plugin works for me but maybe it's not the best code.

Changes in 0.3
- surnames list pagination
- correct a design iussue on decendants tree
- improved surnames list
- code optimization
- minor bugs
- plugin independent from "List user celebrations like birthday and others"

Changes in 0.2
- User list pagination
- Alphabetical and birthday order
- A lot of corrections
- Added surnames list
- minor bugs

Todo list
- Add a new relationships between users (marriages) with data

Any suggestions, bugs, improvements and comments are welcome.


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