Elgg Chat 1.0 v1.2

Release Notes

This plugin will give your social network a chat bar at the bottom of the screen alot like MySpace and Facebook. You MUST read the Installation file located in the .zip folder. You CANNOT just drop it into your /mod/ directory adn activate it in Administration/Tools.


Video Chat

Instant Messaging

Private Messaging

view who is online

Search your members

Search your friends

Block/Ignore spammers

**To Do**

Change resolution for window sizes for different monitor sizes

Integrate friends from Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube



image    image


You can try out and test the new Instant Messaging system on http://supertwitface.com


Comment any problems, suggestions, etc. Please!

  • Nice work but there seems to one evryone who make a chat plugin here forgets the most important thing is page space and the ability to continue surfing the site while you chat.... meaning having chat windows attached to the chatbar!!! without  this feature it's pretty much useless when you have facebook and now myspace with this as standard.... you are crippling your user with windows all over the page... if they want to video chat then that should be a popup option just for that.  The reason for caht bars was to get rid of popup windows and chat rooms where you are stuck...  If you take this in to consideration your plugin will be great and very useful and competitve with today's chat revolution. 


  • is this the plugin thats been offered at toksta for sometime now? or have you modified it?

  • @misty smith This is the one from Toksta but since many people  didnt know about it I created a .zip file which contains the directions as to how to obtain it and implement it into your elgg installation since many people didnt know about it including me.

  • You should probably think about renaming this as there is already a plugin called "ElggChat". Yes, it's not got the space, but it'd be easy to confuse the two all the same.

  • how can i test if it's working or not,cause as i see it's not working

  • @aymen this .zip file only contains the directions as to how to get the plugin and implement it on to your site. Because Toksta.com owns it, and I dont want to get into any of that copyright infringement mess. Just read the index file inside and then you can go and get it set up on your site.

  • I have tested it on elgg 1.5 but is not working, is this plugin only for 1.2? or can it be modified to work on an elgg 1.5 platform?? 


  • @santacrux: it works perfect for 1.5

    when you use a template you have to modife the "footer.php" in the template folder

    @twitface: I see that you use on your page a ad-free versions. How I can get this? Have I to pay something? Pls let me know


  • @twitface: Sry I was wrong in your chat bar is also a ad-logo (adblock in ff was on). It's a nice application but the advertisment is not so cool.

  • @chrislace I agree, we need a Gmail/FB/Myspace-like chat. But that need a "full Ajax" Elgg. At the moment each page you request loads a new full page, reloading also the footer. An alternative are frames, but are strongly deprecated.

    One part of the page should be fixed and the other loaded via Ajax. That require that each plugin acts in that way, with the need of some framework functions in Elgg. Then the core plugins should implement Ajax loading, while other plugin could implement it or not.

    I think this is an heavy change in Elgg, but I don't know if someone is already working on it or has a better solution.

  • i did evrything it says but it didn't work,help pls

  • @4ndreas you can get the ad free but it costs like $35/month or something like that.

  • I have found an audio/ video chat that can handle up to 100 people in the room/ can view up to 3 cams at one time and opens in new window and is hosted by vagipe, can be modified to fit color scheme of your site and admin access is granted by emailing vagipe support. I have it on my site running now, couldnt find a way to have the script work with pages but used external pages link for index page and placed the code there.            www.vagipe.com/

  • it doesnt work for 1.6.1

  • I wanna ask, is this plugin is under active development.

  • Any chance of not wasting our time and stating that this IS NOT THE PLUGIN in the description?

    Seriously, would love to usde it but going to give it a miss on the fact that it's misleading.

  • is that compatible with 1.7.1?????

  • MSG PT:

    Um ótimo plugin é o elggchat , você pode ver ele funcionando aqui: http://encontre.in 

    MSG US:

    A nice plugin is the elggchat, you can see it working here:http://encontre.in



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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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