Modified Custom Index v1.0 beta 1

Release Notes

This modified version of Custom Index plugin works with modified Event Calendar, Polls and Ads plugins.

This plugin adds administrator areas with new events, polls and ads. The administrators can mark an event, poll or ad as relevant and it will show in an homepage widget.

Installation instructions

Download the original Custom Index

Unzip the modified costom index in the same directory



Download other modifed plugins





Thi is a BETA version for testing purposes only, not production. It works well in our testing environment but unsolved bugs have been reported.

  • is this the same custom index bundled with 1.5 or a different plugin?

    Polls and Ads? Can you point us to those too?

  • Yes, is the default custom index coming with elgg 1.5

    I'm uploading theother plugins (Ad and poll)

  • hi alivin , the calender is not workin ( not show any event ) ..and if i wont to show last pages insted the bookmarks ?

    thanks , kobi

  • Polls, Events, and the Ads are not working.
    Rest is fine. Is there an other way to realize this?
    And yes, i use the modifed plugins!

  • Hi alivin,

     1        Can i use this modified custom_index as a widget in my dashboard? Is it a widget or still a plugin? 

     2  u said that  " Unzip the modified costom index in the same directory"

    What you mean by same directory ? you mean your custom_index folder is put in original custom_index folder. Please help me


  • Did anyone resolve the problems?
    It doesn't display any events on the homepage and I don't see Events in the admin panel to approve.

  • @kobi31 : when you create a new event and the field "Events to be included in Home" is set as "No" it means that the event needs to be approved by an administrator in the administration area (Events to be included in home). P.S. Events that have an expired date won't be showed neither in the administration area.

    @michi : Can you explain me in a better way what kind of problems do you have?

    @Kettyking: it doesn't exist a widget for custom_index plugin at the moment because it gives you all the information when you go on the site's name.
    Downloaded plugin must be overwritten on the current one.

    @_h_r_ : maybe you have inserted an event with an expired date. Plugin displays only events that have a final date >= actual date.

    If you have any problems about displaying events in home page please do in this way:

    go to custom_index/index.php and comment from line 50 to 66

           $events_calendar .=date('d-m-Y',$entity->start_date);
                        $events_calendar .="<h4><a href=\"".$CONFIG->wwwroot."pg/event_calendar/view/".$e->guid."\"/>$venue</a></h4>";
                        $venue=explode(" ",substr($venue,0,$numcar));
                        array_pop($venue); //toglie l'ultima parola (monca)
                        $venue=(implode(" ",$venue));
                        $events_calendar .="<h4><a href=\"".$CONFIG->wwwroot."pg/event_calendar/view/".$e->guid."\"/>".sprintf(strip_tags($venue)).sprintf(' ...')."</a></h4>";
           $events_calendar .=$entity->description;
           $events_calendar .=sprintf('<br />').sprintf('<br />');

    and then type:
    $events_calendar .=elgg_view_entity($e);

    If you have any other problems about it please contact us!


  • @kobi
    see also no events on mainpage.

    Code in the custom_index / new_index.php
                    if (!empty($vars['area8'])) {
                        echo $vars['area8'];//this will display files
                        echo "<p><?php echo elgg_echo('custom:noevents'); ?></p>";

    The event date format in the form dateFormat: "DD, MM d, yy", but the index.php will have it this way $events_calendar .=date('d-m-Y',$entity->start_date); --> maybe this makes a problem?

  • Where does it stands: "Events to be included in Home"?
    I havn`t found it.

  • You'll find "Events to be included in Home" in two places:

    1) (if you are administrator) in the form of a new event, with 3 options

    • Yes (event in homepage)
    • No (event must be approved)
    • Read (event not approved and not shown in homepage)

    normal users don't see that select and "No" value is saved for the event.

    2) In the right menu of administrator area, from where approve pending events (i.e. such events in "No" state)


    [maybe a better english translation is possible for "Events to be included in Home" ;) ]


  • how can I show the site events on the index?

    and for the login I got this, but the problem is that you alway's see the login. Even when you already logged in!!

    $form_body = "<p><label>" . elgg_echo('username') . "<br />" . elgg_view('input/text', array('internalname' => 'username', 'class' => 'login-textarea')) . "</label><br />";
    $form_body .= "<label>" . elgg_echo('password') . "<br />" . elgg_view('input/password', array('internalname' => 'password', 'class' => 'login-textarea')) . "</label><br />";
    $form_body .= elgg_view('input/submit', array('value' => elgg_echo('login'))) . "</p>";
    $form_body .= "<p><a href=\"". $vars['url'] ."account/register.php\">" . elgg_echo('register') . "</a> | <a href=\"". $vars['url'] ."account/forgotten_password.php\">" . elgg_echo('user:password:lost') . "</a></p>";

    echo elgg_view('input/form', array('body' => $form_body, 'action' => "". $vars['url'] ."action/login"));

    Anyone can help me? Please

  • First of all, there are updated versions of Modified Custom Index and Event Calendar. Dowload and try them.

    Event must be approved by an administrator to be visible in home page.

    Finally, the error you reported is very strange. Do you see the php code in the browser?


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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