Modified Classifieds Plugin v1.0 beta 1

Release Notes

This is a modified version of Webgalli's plugin, with the following new features:

  • added field "Sell, Offer, Change"
  • fixed search by categories
  • improved Ads listing
  • Fixed menu bug



Thi is a BETA version for testing purposes only, not production. It works well in our testing environment but unsolved bugs have been reported. 

  • I have the version 3 of the plugin published by Weballi 13 days ago (via donation). Which version is this plugin based on, 2 or 3?. If your version is 2, the changes of version 3 will be lost.

  • It's not based on version 3.

    I'm not sure if 1 or 2.

  • @ Alvin . Thanks for your work on our pluggin and adding more feature.

    We will check ou this and if needed will integrate this with our pluggin V3. and all those who have donated for the V3, will get the new version free.

    Team Webgalli

  • After I added an ad, Italian language appeared where cost supposed to show up. All the rest were in English. I checked the Language folder, did not find anything. Any suggestion? 

  • @vantel : this is the correct translation of plugin


         * Elgg Classifieds Pluggin V2
         * @package Classifieds Pluggin
         * @license GNU Public License version 2
         * @author Dr Sanu P Moideen for Team Webgalli
         * @copyright Team Webgalli
         * @link,
        $english = array(
             * Menu items and titles
                'ad' => "Classified",
                'ads' => "Classifieds",
                'ad:user' => "%s's classified",
                'ad:user:friends' => "%s's friends' classified",
                'ad:your' => "Your classified",
                'ad:posttitle' => "%s's classified: %s",
                'ad:friends' => "Friends' classifieds",
                'ad:yourfriends' => "Your friends' latest classifieds",
                'ad:everyone' => "All site classifieds",
                'ad:read' => "Read classified",
                'ad:addpost' => "Create a new classified",
                'ad:editpost' => "Edit classified post",
                'ad:imagelimitation' => "Must be jpg, smaller than 1MB",
                'ad:text' => "Give a brief description about the classified matter",
                'ad:uploadimages' => "Would you like to upload an image?",
                'ad:imagelater' => "",
                'ad:strapline' => "%s",
                'item:object:ad' => 'Classified posts',

             * ad widget
                'ad:widget' => "Classified",
                'ad:widget:description' => "Showcase your latest classifieds",
                'ad:widget:viewall' => "View all my classifieds",
                'ad:num_display' => "Number of classifieds to display",
                'ad:icon_size' => "Icon size",
                'ad:small' => "small",
                'ad:tiny' => "tiny",
             * ad river
                //generic terms to use
                'ad:river:created' => "%s wrote",
                'ad:river:updated' => "%s updated",
                'ad:river:posted' => "%s posted",
                //these get inserted into the river links to take the user to the entity
                'ad:river:create' => "a new classified post titled",
                'ad:river:update' => "the classified post titled",
                'ad:river:annotate' => "a reply on the classified post titled",
             * Status messages
                'ad:posted' => "Your classified post was successfully posted.",
                'ad:deleted' => "Your classified post was successfully deleted.",
                'ad:uploaded' => "Your image was succesfully added.",
             * Error messages
                'ad:save:failure' => "Your classified post could not be saved. Please try again.",
                'ad:blank' => "Sorry; you need to fill in both the title and body before you can make a post.",
                'ad:tobig' => "Sorry; your file is bigger then 1MB, please upload a smaller file.",
                'ad:notjpg' => "Please make sure the picture inculed is a .jpg file.",
                'ad:notuploaded' => "Sorry; your file doesn't apear to be uploaded.",
                'ad:notfound' => "Sorry; we could not find the specified classified post.",
                'ad:notdeleted' => "Sorry; we could not delete this classified post.",
             * Tweeks new version
             'ad:price' => "Expected Price",
             'ad:tags' => "Tags",
             'ad:replies' => "Replies",
             'ad:type'  =>  "Type",
              'ad:description'  =>  "Description",



    If you find any other translation problem please report me.


  • Also in views/deafault/object/ad.php

    For English

    on line 90 change
    <strong>Prezzo Previsto:</strong> <?php echo (autop($vars['entity']->price)); ?>

    <strong>Estimated Price:</strong> <?php echo (autop($vars['entity']->price)); ?>


  • For anyone having trouble with this, here's some help:

    Do fix at views > default > ad > forms > edit.php


  • Category: Uncategorized
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 3637
  • Recommendations: 0

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