Release Notes

  • Works with invitefriends plugin (thanks to jgallardo)
  • Fixed typo in sending code that affected alternate mail bodies (thanks to Jin Peng)
  • Just filled the settings details for my mail with gmail explains

    this doesn't deliver mails and cant have it working with eportfolio...any ideas? :(

  • As you long as you have the PHPMailer enabled, you don't really need any settings configured for ePortfolio to use. ePortfolio only uses the class to generate html emails.

  • Thanks ihayredinov, but I think I'll just dismiss the email thing in your eportfolio, with phpmailer enabled (configured or not) users dont get mails from the network...and I read some have the same issue with this plugin.

  • @Cynthia - If the emails are not going out, your SMTP config data for GMail might be incorrect in the PHPMailer settings. SMTP email sending *will require the proper settings that your SMPT provider will recognize as correct and valid.

  • they are correct, i just copied it from gmail.. and in eportfolio doesnt display any email form so im giving this up :( thanks anyway...if someone knows how to get this working he or she will rock my world.

  • Works like a charm. Great plugin.

  • I cant get this to work with the gmail smtp information either. I have a question. If you select the opetion for this to override mail settings, does that mean that all site emilas with be sent using these settings? Example user notifications that an email has been sent, blog notifications, and things like that? or does this just handle emails sent from the site admin to the users?


  • Category: Communication
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 18157
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