• You're welcome. Please let me know how it does on formatting the emails. That requires testing by a lot of people.

  • hi Cash!,

    how can i use file attachments?

    i use upload/embed file into email but then no pictures are sended....also with upload images from tinymce the same.

    now i see the problem with: èòàùì letters is going well. before there was a problem on formatting letters!

    thanks for this plugin :)


  • @lord55 - good to hear about formatting letters.

    This plugin provides an interface so someone could extend the messages plugin to send files. It doesn't change the messages plugin at all. Someone will have to write code to do that.

  • can you say to me ...why is it better to use smtp instead normal mail?

    thanks in advance


  • It's not. This plugin will use normal php mail by default (which is probably calling sendmail on your server). Some people have difficulty with their email being marked as spam so they try sending through SMTP or maybe they are running their install on Windows and do not have sendmail.

  • ok ...thanks a lot for the information....

    see you and thanks again


  • but if i want to introduce a banner in the email or a logo... i can do it only modifing the code (is it possible?)....no way from tinymce and directly in the body text.....right?


  • There is no way to do that currently with any plugin available here.

  • I'm having an issue with UTF-8 support sending. Seems that email thare sent by siteaccess module for users attempting to register is received by users in a bad format.

    (even after changing the $CharSet member to "UTF-8").

  • @liri - some plugins contain their own custom email sending code and so will not use this plugin. Please confirm that this is not your issue.

  • Hi Cash,

    This plugin works great so far, no formatting problems.

    The siteaccess plugin, already has the ability to easily edit the email templates, and we could enter HTML code there, including IMG tags for logo, etc, and in that way improve emails noticeably (at least for registration).

    I tried enabling HTML=true inside mail.php, but all the text emails loose the spacing, and thus had to switch back to text emails. Would it be to complicated to enable HTML emails and not changing the way simple notifications already look ?



  • @Uddhava dasa - you would have to format the notification messages (replace new lines with <br /> or whatever)

  • Thanks Cash,

    That was easy, thanks again. Now we can have full HTML emails, with image logos and everything. Cool.

    Uddhava dasa

  • I'm a little confused about this plug in.  what I would like to do it allow my users to be notified on my site when they got a message on myspace or facebook?  would this plugin work for me? :/

  • the invite plugin has its own custom email sending code and so will not use this plugin unfortunately.

  • I was previously using the siteaccess plugin, but now that I'm ready to open my site up to the public I've disabled it.

    Now users can register but no verification email arrives (I've tried several addresses) or shows up in the spam folder.

    Does phpmailer affect the registration emailing at all?  Or is there another known plugin that conflicts with it?

  • I have installed this PlugIn and it works very well - thank you.  I agree with your comments in: https://trac.elgg.org/elgg/ticket/753 though I am new to Elgg, but not new to PHP.

    As you have talked a lot about third party plugins and auto-emailing I thought I would ask this question here (though I understand it is not to do with your Plugin, which does what it says it does).  I am struggling to setup the auto-emailing facility using Invite Friends and the Core email function.  I have added the following statement to invite.php: ini_set ("SMTP", "mail.o2.co.uk" ), however the server log says: WARNING: 2009-09-05 15:10:33 (BST): "mail() [<a href='function.mail'>function.mail</a>]: SMTP server response: 553 &lt;&quot;site&quot;&gt; Invalid mail address, must have a domain part" in file C:\Elgg\xampp\htdocs\elgg1.6\mod\invitefriends\actions\invite.php (line 53)

    Hope you can help.  Again I realise that this is not to do with your Plugin, but I have posted it here because the issue has been discussed previously.  Thanks

  • @Kane - nothing magically about this plugin with reference to spam filters (which is very likely your issue). This may help you: http://www.emailreach.com/

  • @Ian - probably just easier to change the invite plugin to call the function that I provide in this plugin: phpmailer_send(). See the documentation in mail.php or how I use it in phpmailer_notify_handler().

  • Cash, could you elaborate on this please? I cannot find mail.php.  Which file do I need to look in for: phpmailer_notify_handler().  I am a Java Developer who has limited experience with PHP.  Thanks again.

  • @Ian - if you're using my plugin, you will find a mail.php file in it which contains my wrapper function around the PHPMailer code. It should be easy to figure out how to use the phpmailer_send() function from the documentation. Next, edit the invite friends plugin and replace its mail sending code with a call to phpmailer_send().

  • Hello,

    I have proble to installing it. Getting mis-configuration errors. Can anyone help me how can I resolve it,

    Thanks in advace,








  • Ranjeet - it is user error. There's nothing in the plugin that would cause this. I recommend reading up in the Elgg wiki on this error.


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