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4.0 (2014-18-12):

  • changes for Elgg 1.9
  • i notice that the elgg community here does not redirect at all when login. i would like this behavior on my own site, so that i don't lose my place in the site after logging in. i would also like to be able to route new users to particular pages - just as the login redirector already does here.

    did the default behavior change after 1.9? or does the elgg community not redirect anywhere because the dashboard plugin isn't enabled here?

    any chance of adding an option to disable redirection to this plugin? thanks

  • Elgg 2.1 compatibility: A quick test. 'General login redirect settings' work (also with custom redirect).  I could not get 'First login redirect settings' work (with or without custom redirect). It always redirected t homepage. Tested on Elgg 2.1.1.

  • Does not redirect on first login for user page. Elgg 2.3.3 Page not found.
  • Even putting custom redirection does not work. Does anyone have the same problem? Elgg 2.3.3
  • @vagsiarom you it does not redirect, but where does the `Elgg 2.3.3 Page not found` come from? Could it be it redirects to an incorrect page?

  • Hello Jeroen, the first login I put custom, ie the user does the registration and already wanted it to be redirected to edit your data type mesite / profile / [user name] / edit but goes to "page not found". Then I set the first login to go to the user profile but also goes to "page not found". Forcing user to click another device to exit "page not found".
    1. Note: User validation is disabled by email.
    2. I tested it with plugin user validation email and the same thing continues.
  • what url are you getting redirected to? What is the url in the address bar on the 'page not found' page?

  • I put the first custom login so the user is directed to fill in profile data. Http://www.mysite.com/profile/[username]/edit. Ma the targeting goes to "page not found". The URL is http://www.mysite.com/_graphics/elgg_sprites.png.
  • Ah that makes a bit more sense... you are redirected to the sprites probably because you use a walledgarden. Last forwarded from address win over the login redirector configuration if i am correct. Why you are redirected to the sprite i am not sure. Maybe you use an older version of Elgg? The sprites do not exist in latest stable releases... maybe your theme still has references to it

  • Yes Jeroen my theme is old. My elgg is 2.3.3. Then that is the problem. How do I disable Jeroen wallergarden from my theme?
  • walled garden is an advanced setting in your site setting, but i do not know if that is what you want. I suggest updating the theme so it no longer refers to old resources

  • The Jereon problem that theme I bought from Elggzone. Elgggzone has been disabled m and still. This theme was only developed until elgg 1.10. With the help of elggzone I was able to run on elgg 2.3. But I did not know that I would have this problem. If you give me any suggestions for picking up or upgrading walled garden I would appreciate it.
  • It looks like the problem is your theme. You need to update your theme. Maybe in the Professional Services group in this community you can find someone to help you with that if you can not do it yourself.

  • Now I have to figure this out. If someone has already gone through this. Please help me. Some file ... its something on my theme that is old. Use walled garden ...
  • Ask Elggzone for support or use another theme that works on Elgg 2.x. You can't expect any useful support from people who don't even know the code (commercial plugins). And it's very likely that this issue is not the only one in this theme plugin if it has never been updated to be fully compatible with Elgg 2.

  • Hello Master Iionly. Elggzone is over. I emailed Jensen, responsible for elggzone but he said he could not help. The theme works well. The only problem with plugin login redirect, only on the first login. Regardless of configuration, the first login always redirects to "page not found" (http://www.mysite.com/_graphics/elgg_sprites.png). Also, I changed the theme to meet my need, and it gave me a lot of work. A new theme will have to start from scratch. I'll see what I do. I tried changing plugin login redirector, I changed the name of all walled garden folders but none of that worked out. If you have any ideas. I appreciate it.
  • I don't think the Login Redirect plugin is causing the problem. The handling of icons has changed in Elgg 2. Back in Elgg 1 days the elgg_sprites.png image (which was a mosaic of icons) was used to provide the source of the icons used. On Elgg 2 Fontawesome icons are used instead which are handled quite differently. You need to find out where the elgg_sprites.png image file is referred to in the code. This code be in the theme plugin's code (for example in a css file of the theme). But it might also be within the code of another plugin if it hasn't been correctly updated for Elgg 2. If the elgg_sprites.png file is referred to in a css class, you need to find out where this class is used in the code. Then you need to modify the code to work on Elgg 2 (see http://learn.elgg.org/en/stable/guides/themes.html?highlight=elgg_view_icon#icons). I can't tell you what exactly to change as it depends on what the code is actually.

    And it might be better to stop discussing it here if it's not an issue with Login Redirector but to open a separate discussion instead if you have searched the code, tried to fix it and still got stuck.

  • Thank you Master Iionly. Thanks for the tip. I think the problem is the issue. So I'll follow your guidance, look for the code in the theme plugin that references elgg_sprites.png. Then put here what I found. If I can not, I'll think of another topic. Grateful!
  • Master Iionli, i found in css. 

    /*background-image:url(<?php echo elgg_get_site_url(); ?>_graphics/elgg_sprites.png);
    background-position:-150px -51px;
    Could you delete this line?
  • I deleted the lines of code with // background: transparent url (<? Php echo elgg_get_site_url ();?> _ Graphics / elgg_sprites.png) no-repeat left; But it did nothing. Could it be another plugin? Imagine that this always happens on the first login.
  • Maybe you need to flush the caches.

    Please take this discussion elsewhere as it is not related to this plugin.

  • Thank you Master Iiomly and Jeroen for your attention on this topic. The problem was solved. It was not the elggzone theme the problem. It was the Elggcookieconsent plugin (2.1). This plugin prevented the redirect on the first login when redirected to a customizable page like: edit. It is important that others who come to have this problem read the entire discussion here so that they can identify the problem that was not caused by the redirector plugin error but why there is an interference caused by the Elggcookieconsent plugin. Could be another plugin. Sorry Jeroen but I do not agree to take all this discussion from here, even though the cause was not the redirector plugin. This is why this discussion it reports the interference of another plugin in the redirector. Important to know that the redirector plugin may suffer interference from another plugin. But Jeroen if you insist I can remove. Grateful!

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