Maintenance v1.1

Release Notes

Admin can configure (in the plugin settings) if site is down for maintenance. Optional extra information about the downtime can also be entered there.

When in maintenance mode site is in a complete lock down. Only admins can login.





Version History
- fixed: problem with maintenance plugin in combination with custom_index

- first release

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  • Anyone know how to make this work in

  • @frank in elgg1.8.0.1 there is a maintenance option to active by default

  • @Frank: what exactly do you mean "make it work"? I have it working in, if you tell me what you are experiencing, I will try to help. Regards.

  • I updated the files indicated above and it works just fine for me in (recommended), Thanks Jarome, for a plugin that can stand the test of time with minor modifications to the code to bring it from 1.5 to 1.8

  • @Frank - The maintenance mod conflicts with the walled garden setting / code in 1.8 (found under admin/settings/advanced settings). If walled garden is enabled it sets an index plugin hook at the highest priority. The maintenance mod also sets a plugin hook but at a lower priority and does not check return value to see if index is already hooked. This results in both index pages being shown.

    Also, the maintenance mod has problems with the 1.8 custom index mod - for the same reason - they both hook system index - at the same priority. If maintenance mod is above custom index mod it will work - if it is below - both index pages will be displayed. But in both cases it will break if walled garden is enabled.

    I have worked out a fix and will upload a 1.8 version today (after more coffee and a sanity check on the fixed code).

  • @Brian - Sorry to ask a stupid question, but which setting in advanced settings is walled garden.  This is all new to me.  Thanks so much!

    @ Starphysique - Did you make any modifications to the package above to allow the mod to work in 1.8?

  • @Frank the "walled garden" setting is in the advanced settings panel - it reads: "Restrict pages to logged in users". 

    The maintenance plugin works as is with the modifications listed earlier in this discussion if you turn off walled garden and disable the custom index plugin. Those modifications addressed issues of elgg installed in a sub directory (infinate redirection) and the javascript admin login in the maintenance screen.  

    However, if you turn either of these on you get problems - most notably you get both the maintenance index page and the elgg index page.

    I am just checking and documenting my changes to the maintenance plugin for compatibility with elgg I will upload the plugin in a few minutes. It should be tested before use on a production site.

  • Thanks Brian.  I do have the walled garden setting on.  Do you think there is any possible way that it could disable the walled garden when it is activated and then reactivate it when it is off?  I know I am probably asking for alot to make that happen.  Just a thaught.

  • @Frank - I just uploaded the modified plugin. It works with the walled garden setting just fine. Give it a try and let me know how it works.

  • @Frank: I made a few changes. Take a look (click on the logo for the admin box). Hidden from regular users/visitors (kinda the point). Only admins can log. Let me know.


  • Unfortunately not compatible with 1.8. Gives a lot of 

    Deprecated in 1.8:



  • Helpful links (I'd like to merge these versions when I have time):

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