Third party site AutoLogon v1.1.1

Release Notes

This Plugin picks up a named Cookie (one set by a third party site), and talks to a thirdparty XML-RPC service (such as http:/ to get some identifying data relating to the value in the cookie. 

From this data it can then lookup a user, (by using the thirdparty id to lookup a meta object, which belongs to that user).  It is assumed that metaobjects will have been created using something like the CoReg plugin, when the original user was created. 

New to version 1.1

This version adds an admin setting, whereby instead of picking up the ThirdParty Session, from a Cookie, you can pick it up from a given Parameter instead.

New to version 1.1.1

This just adds an option so an administrator can debug the XML-RPC communication following a successful pickup of the SessionID (either passed as a parameter, or picked up from a cookie).

Thanks to Stefan at for hiring BrainMedia to add more features to autologin (Versions 1.1 and 1.1.1), so it can work for his clients too. 

  • Thanks to Stefan at for hiring BrainMedia to add more features to autologin, so it can work for his clients too.  He's the reason you can now login via a query parameter, and debug the XML-RPC conversation

  • Hi SiBaz,

    Do you know if this will work with moodle ?

  • Hi Uddhava, like I said with the Co-Reg stuff, I've never tried it with moodle, but it ought to work (if you know how to configure moodle, to trigger Co-Reg, leave a session cookie, then provide and XML-RPC function, for autologin to check the user status, and identify the user account)

  • I currently use wordpress-mu as my main engine on my server so that users can have their own blogs.

    Do you happen to know if wordpress-mu supports whatever it is your describing above so that I can use wordpress to login my users with elgg?

    I was using buddypress, (wp vs. of elgg) but it is nowhere near as powerful as what I see elgg being right now. Sure they may catch up, but so far I love elgg.

    If there were ever a way to turn this into a wordpress plugin man that would rock my world. But for now I'd be happy just having 3rd party login from wordpress-mu

  • Sorry, I've not used wordpress or wordpress-mu so I've no personal experience of it.  I don't see why it couldn't be made to work though.


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