Third party site AutoLogon v1.0

Release Notes

This Plugin picks up a named Cookie (one set by a third party site), and talks to a thirdparty XML-RPC service (such as http:/ to get some identifying data relating to the value in the cookie. 

From this data it can then lookup a user, (by using the thirdparty id to lookup a meta object, which belongs to that user).  It is assumed that metaobjects will have been created using something like the CoReg plugin, when the original user was created

  • will this work with access managers (SUN, Tivoli etc)??

  • I've no idea how access managers work, or what they are, so I don't know.  If access managers work by setting a COOKIE to identify their session, and allow you some way of getting access to the session data based on the contents of that cookie, then I'm sure they could. 

  • yup. access managers do set cookies (depending on what the configuration is). This is a great plugin for companies thinking of putting up an internal social network using elgg. Will allow for Single SignOn since almost all of them would have some sort of AM running on their intranet.

  • excuse my ignorance but I thought cookies could only be read buy the domain that set them.

  • Sort of.  When you set the cookie, you specify the depth of domain you want it set against, and that dictates which domains can re-read it.  So for example if my domain was I could set my domain to be only readable by other sites at or at * or * or *.uk or just *. 

    In our case we originally had as our main website and as our elgg website.  That works.  But as we have a number of staging servers and it made testing more difficult (they kept pickuing up the live server cookie, not the one belonging to the staging site) I've opted to alias as our elgg site.  Obviously that has the same cookie name as does. I would reccomend people desiring autologin to do the same (remember to set the RewriteBase in .htaccess from / to /community/ though)

    Hope that clears it up for you.


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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