Skills Review widget v4.0

Release Notes

A simple and customisable widget that offers the owner a simple review of a range of skills.

Each skill can be judged on a 'traffic-light' scale of red/amber/green 

(green if happy with that skill, amber if there are some weaknesses, red if it needs addressing )

**The list of skills is now fully customisable in either Tool Administration (to set them for all users) or individually in each user's Settings (you can make this choice in Tool Administration)**

Any number of skills can be used (it's been tested with a very large number!) and they can also be grouped together in sections that are collapsible* (you can also nest sections within other sections). This allows for a longer list to be used in a more organised way (see screenshot below). The average section level is automatically calculated. However, a simple list is still also possible (see screenshot below).

In addition, you can also set it to show the last level that was chosen for each skill (this feature can be turned on or off by the user).

We find this technique extremely useful with the students in our school who find this widget quick and easy to use. It replaces the many review sheets we used to use (and the students used to lose!).


New in version 4.0

  • editing of the skills list by admins and users themselves (in either Tool Administration or Settings)
  • average level of a section now calculates correctly, even in multiple nested sections
  • optional introduction line to appear above the list of skills

Added to version 3.x:

  • collapsible grouping of skills now possible (with average level automatically calculated)

Added to version 2.0:

  • list of skills incorporated into language file
  • see the last level that was chosen for each skill (this feature can be turned on or off). 

* I had to add my own javascript for the collapsible sections because I couldn't get the built-in elgg collapsible box functions to work in a widget. I need to explore jQuery some more but if anyone can tell me where I'm going wrong it'd be much appreciated.

  • Hmm. I've just downloaded it and re-installed it on a test installation and it worked fine. Could someone else try it, please.

  • It worked fine for me until i selected the option Override with users skills.... then the widget didnt display anything.

    Small glitch.... but besides that, working fine.

  • @santacrux: go to Settings > Configure your tools. There won't be any skills listed until you add some, although I set it to give you a sample list when you first go to Configure...

  • Hi Chris

    I plan to use your plug to have a (huge) list of skills i different segments from which the user can select 3-5 skills.

    Would it be possible to modify your plug so that only the 3-5 skills is shown on the overview ?

    BR Nikolaj

    Ps I am probably be worst newbie to date, so please be gentle

  • It can have collapsible sections which show an average level from those selected within it. This works with a huge list of skills.

    As for the user selecting skills, there is a possible way right now. It can be set (Edit) so that the user themselves determines what the skills are (Settings > Configure your tools). They could type these in themselves there.

    To avoid typing them in, I've set it to default to "skill1, skill2, skill3" the first time a user goes to ttings > Configure your tools (just to provide an example for them). This default list could be changed to your list. The user then just has to delete those they don't want, leaving their choice of 3-5 remaining. This list is currently buried in views>default>usersettings>edit.php but it could easily be incorporated into the language file (actually it should be, come to think of it)

  • It would be Great If instead of the color options if users could pick a number

    This would then allow users to put a number next to the skill

    e.g. online game.


    weapon skill 45

    magic skill 50


    Is there an easy way to do this??

  • Well the colours are in the language file so they could be changed from red/amber/green to something numerical. However, there would still only be three.

    My aim was keep it simple and replicate the techniques we were currently using on paper at our school.

    Good idea, though.

  • Hey Chris, great plugin! 

    I'm thinking about how it might be possible to create a cumulative average across users. For example, given that one user scores a section of skills to an average of green, and another user scores a section to an average of red, the cumulative average that everyone would see is amber.  Is this functionality you've planned to add in the future?  If not, I'm going to go ahead and see if I can put something together.

    Thanks, and great job!

  • When I change the language file the plug in is no longer able to be customized by the user?  anyone else have this problem?

  • Okay it's not all the language... I'm just having a hard time renaming the widget.  any ideas? it dosen't appear to be in the language file. 8/?

  • How do you wanna "rename" the PlugIn ?


  • When it's on the profile I want it to say " To Do List" instead of "Skills Review"?

  • skillswidget/start.php
    change this line --
        add_widget_type('skillswidget', 'Skills Review', 'Skills review widget');
        add_widget_type('skillswidget', 'To Do List', 'Skills review widget');

  • oopsss

    add_widget_type('skillswidget', 'To Do List', 'To Do List Widget');

  • Worked perfectly... thanks : )

  • Hi

    Iam experiencing problems for friends to see the content of the widget.
    Ive set access to friend or public, but the friend of the memeber cant see de info of the widget

    The login user goes to the friend profile, he can see teh widget but no skills at all

    Any idea?


  • I can't think of a reason why this would happen. Do you have any links you can send me to see this happening.

    As an example, here's one of mine where you can see another user's widget:

  • Hi Chris
    Ive detected part of the problem
    In the language php file you have a value called:  'skillswidget:widgetfoldername'  =>  "skillswidget",  

    If you translate this  value, i have the problem. 
    After reading the name of the array element, i ve realized that may be this element is used for other thing than language.

    The site you point me is very nice, had you used a special theme, or is your stilish?
    Thank very much for the plugin


  • You're right. I think where this comes from is our establishment's need for a number of these skills widgets (for each subject area) and it became a problem to keep changing the name 'skillswidget' in the code. So even though it's not a strictly a 'language' inclusion, using this file made it much easier to duplicate.

    The theme you refer to was loosely based on one of the themes on offer (SImple?) with a number of colour changes to reflect the colour scheme we wanted. The Spotlight was heavily edited and the logo follows the classic no-spaces with each word a different colour or weight (not as original as it used to be!). Let me know if you ever want anything doing.

  • abandoned

    Thanks for the plugin. It's working wwell on my Elgg 1.6.1 site.

    If you're taking feature requests for the next versions, I think that the rating system could be a little bit more intuitive. For example, the user should be presented with a clear way to rate his/her skills directly on the widget without having to go into the Edit mode. The Edit mode in all the other widgets helps control how many items to show, not the actual content itself. From a user experience standpoint, it's quite confusing.

    Perhaps it would be more helpful if the user were presented with an edit icon next to each skill. Then let them rate themselves either through some AJAX-style colored circles, dropdown box, input field, etc or even with star ratings as in the Fivestar plugin.

    If you're not taking feature requests... I've said too much. :)


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