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You can customize your main page and login page by dragging-and-dropping widgets on it.

This plugin is also a great way to put advertisements on yor main page. Since users often look at main page's widgets, placing advertisements there will be very efective. It's adviced to rotate your advertisements with your widgets, in order to prevent ad blindness in your users. If well used, this plugin can significantly improve income you get from your site.



After installing the plugin, you get additional link on your administration page - "mainpage widgets". After clicking this screen, you can customize your service's main page with the use of the following panel:

Thanks to this panel you can place your mainpage widgets any way you want. You can also add any HTML text in between the widgets by using the HTML widget element.


Simply place your HTML inside the element, and it will be displayed on the front page in the place where you put it:



mainpage for logged in users:

Note: login boxes and text from external pages will still stay on top of your main page. Also, if a new extension for a main page is created, it will be displayed below the widgets you defined in the mainpage widgets plugin.

It is very easy to extend this plugin. If you want to develop a new widget for the main page, you can add it to mainpage widgets with only one line of code.


The version uploaded here is a demo version. It has limit of 2 widgets per column, and won't save the content of your HTML widgets.

  • I installed the trial version of this plugin but have had similar problems that Rob has reported. The strange thing was that when I installed it initially it worked well for several days then it began dropping widgets from the list of those available to use and finally has become pretty much useless.

    I was willing to pay the $15 for the full version had it worked, but even then when I went to the site to get a full version the price was actually $20.

    So, since the trial doesn't seem to work well, I'm not inclined to spend money I don't really have on this.

  • RFS,

    you can download the newest demo version of the plugin and it should work.


    The price of the plugin increased, since the functionality also greatly increased in a past few weeks. I will update plugin's description soon.

  • @Vazco

    wielkie gratulacje ;-)

    This PlugIn is becoming even better. Reminds me of the "Blocks" main-page style from Moodle, Xoops, etc. Have you thought of making some widgets AJAX-driven, e.g. Activity, Wire ? I know quite a few people have inquired about AJAX on the MainPage before...

  • @Dhrup yes, actually a few AJAX widgets are already implemented, but not released. Members (latest, logged in, most popular) in izap_videos widget's style is one of them. I will need a bit more time to test them before releasing though - they will appear with the next update of the plugin.

  • Make the AJAX feature configurable via PlugIn / Widget Settings so that people who do not want it, they can turn it off ;-)

  • I'm new to this plug-in and relatively new to ELGG - trying at the 11th hour to get my homepage customized.  Custom_index wasn't doing it for me and this plugin was recommended.  BUT I'm having problems just after install.  The Admin screen for Mainpage only shows the TinyMce editor and background image upload.  There are no draggable widgets visible and my homepage appears blank when I visit it.  What am I doing wrong?  I hope this plug-in works with the new ELGG!  1.7.7


  • @spitfire72: I believe the free version of this plugin available here doesn't support Elgg 1.7.X as it has been already released 664 days ago (version 1.05). The commercial version ($19.99) does work with the latest Elgg releases though if that's an option for you.

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