Mainpage widgets (vazco_mainpage) v1.05

Release Notes


IN 1.05:

  • added possibility to display content in a brief way
  • added possibility to customize login box
  • a few new widgets
  • ability to upload background (full version only)
  • ability to display text for not-logged users under the login box
  • a few fixes
  • 3-column layout (commercial extension)


  • Wael, the free version is not compatible with Elgg 1.7 yet, the full version is. After 12 October we'll have some more time and we plan to redesign our free plugins. This one certainly will be updated.

  • Can't drag and drop in FF and Safari in IE Ican but the new settings won't safe.  I have custum_index disabled and your plugin at the bottum. What seems to be the problem?

  • Sorry missed the post about the free version and 1.7 Hope it appears soon cause I'm still testing and can't invest yet... Thanks in advance!

  • Hmmmm...

    I just upgraded frpm Elgg.1.5 to 1.7.4 for a Client - everything thing seemed to look fine except that the Client was already MainPage PlugIn to display TidyPics latest images on the Home Page. So I "upgraded" the MainPage PlugIn to work correctly for 1.7.4 ;-) Don't know it would be "polite" to upload the corrected code or just wait for Mikhal to do do his stuff ;-P

  • Dhrup, we're waiting with release of upgrade untill new version of Tidypics is out (it will be any day now). Please wait for our release.

    We want to make sure the plugin is also backwards compatible with earlier versions of Tidypics.

  • In case your code contains important corrections, you can send me the code and we will include changes in the next release.

  • Is there any way of the user seeing this mainpage as the default when they first login?

    Right now the default when they login is that they are directed to their dashboard instead

    I tried editing the sites primary index.psp from

        if (isloggedin()) {

    and changed it to

        if (isloggedin()) {

    But it made no difference

  • you have to edit the core's login action as well, or use a plugin that redirects user after login (there is one in the community, although I don't remember it's name).

  • HI I am using the video embed plugin

    and the eval version of mainpage I dont see the video widget or to be able to add a video to my mainpage.  Is this supported in the commerical version

  • Lumiere, unfortunately the plugin supports only izap_videos, not embed-video plugin. We can add an embed-video plugin widget as a custom development though, for a promotional price. If you want to know details, please contact me at

  • The free version is limited to very few widgets, don t loose you time, you can get main page widgets module for free here:

  • i now have two login screens :-/ one upon an other. thats not what i want. 

    i am using elgg 1.7.7

  • Earthling, please turn off custom_index plugin

  • Hello, I had 2 widgets on my left column, and when I tried to add a search widget on top of them, I noticed that the former one on top (latest images) disappeared,and I can not see on the right pane to drag it back in. how can I get this widget back?

  • kxx, do you use two or three colum nversion of vazco_mainpage? Do you use free or commercial version? Please make sure you have tidypics plugin enabled and that vazco_mainpage is below it on the plugin list. In case you use commercial version,  please remove it (you can back it up  previously) and then download the newest version since we implemented display optimization a week ago.

  • @mike: I use 2  cloumn, free version.


  • Hmmmm.... I'm going out on a limb here, but I believe this plugin violates the GPL. By using encrypted sources in the file "vazco_mainpage/models/mainpage_widgets.php" it is a GPL violation. Let me explain.

    According to the GPL FAQ:

    Can I release a modified version of a GPL-covered program in binary form only?

    No. The whole point of the GPL is that all modified versions must be free software—which means, in particular, that the source code of the modified version is available to the users.


    Can I make binaries available on a network server, but send sources only to people who order them?

    If you make object code available on a network server, you have to provide the Corresponding Source on a network server as well. The easiest way to do this would be to publish them on the same server, but if you'd like, you can alternatively provide instructions for getting the source from another server, or even a version control system. No matter what you do, the source should be just as easy to access as the object code, though. This is all specified in section 6(d) of GPLv3.

    The sources you provide must correspond exactly to the binaries. In particular, you must make sure they are for the same version of the program—not an older version and not a newer version.

    So the use of binary or encrypted only source code in a GPL program is a violation. Also, not license or link to a license is provided with the software and the proper headers aren't incorporated. wtf?

    This will not stop me buying the full version, but I thought I would point this out.

  • k5jat, in case this plugin violates GPL licence, we can modify the code or remove it.  Similar approach is used with socialcommerce plugin, Izap plugins and a few others - non-GPL libraries in those plugins can be downloaded from external pages.


    We stopped releasing plugins to broad community some time ago (about a year ago) since it created too much controversy. Now we focus only on commercial clients. This plugin is a leftover, probably with some artefacts from commercial code.


    I also believe it was not under GPL licence since at the time it was released (two years ago) supported many more licences.

  • Under the "Note:" section it says "The version uploaded here is a GPL version." I'm missing something? Also, from what I understand, if the code is released under gpl the author can elect to change the license in future versions but the prior version(s) code must stay gpl and the full source must be made available.

  • k5jat, licence of the plugin is displayed as GPL since some time ago Cash removed multiple other licences from - that's why probably the licence was changed to GPL.

    This plugin was certainly not uploaded to under GPL version 2 licence.

  • @Mike - why do you think I removed the licenses? That was done by Curverider.

    Independent of the the software license, we do not allow obfuscated code in the repository. It is one of the terms of the site: "Plugins must contain human-readable source code. Compiled, encrypted, encoded, or otherwise obfuscated source code is not permitted." This has been like this for awhile but we have not been checking each uploaded plugin for this.

    Please upload a new version with unobfuscated code or remove it. If you know of other plugins in the repository, feel free to send me a PM. Thanks.

  • Cash, I remember one of the tasks on trac assigned to you, related to removing licences - that's why I thought it was you who removed them. I may be wrong here since it was some time ago already.

    We will modify this plugin then and we'll upload new version when it's ready.

  • I rechecked Trac and cannot find anything like this. Here is the change:

    That occurred while Brett was still an employee of Curverider. The BSD or MIT licenses are probably what you want.

    Thanks for looking into this.

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