Mainpage widgets (vazco_mainpage) v1.05

Release Notes


IN 1.05:

  • added possibility to display content in a brief way
  • added possibility to customize login box
  • a few new widgets
  • ability to upload background (full version only)
  • ability to display text for not-logged users under the login box
  • a few fixes
  • 3-column layout (commercial extension)


  • Nice job Mike, any way you can adapt this to the the dashboard/riverdashboard. I've been hacking away at mine, but this would make it much easier.

  • Scott, what exactly you want adapted to the dashboard?

  • Thanks for this plugin. This plugin is exactly what I need.

    Just one point: On my elgg site, it shows only one column and all the selected widgets are in the left column. Any idea what went wrong?

  • the whole setup, the 3 columns and they ease of arranging the widgets.  plus if there was a way to custom build a widget. I put some paddlespots on my riverdash, but if you added an option for a user to select what data and how much to show, that would be a huge help to those that can't program, but want to display (form_data, etc...) information easier. not sure how you could do this, maybe a drop down option that lists the different types of data that can be pulled from the database. 


    Someday (when I have money again) I have a bunch of things I need done. I'll keep you updated.

  • above comment

    "for a user to select".....

    user = admin

    could be a user also, but admin is first

  • @Okko Do you use HTML widgets? If so, please PM me the code you used in them. Also, what language do you use?


    @ skotmiller The widgets for riverdashboard or static widgets for dashboard can be a good idea. This would be something like a main page for a logged in users. I may create this as an extension when I find some time.

    An option to custom build the widget would be hard to implement and wouldn't be flexible. Option to build widget from the data of Kevin's form would be a bit easier to implement though - it would allow you to archieve exactly what you want.

  • GregKeys

    We have a site with over 1000 members, when we installed this module it slows the site down to virtually a crawl,  the site ran fine prior, and the server is as optimized as it can get, any ideas?

  • @Greg,

    you may try turning off certain widgets and try if the site won't run faster then. Do you experience slowdowns straight after turning on the plugin? How many visits per day do you have? (for not logged in users)

    One of the things on a todo list for this plugin is caching, since it can be a bit resource heavy. You should be able to run it on a site with at least 3000 registered users on a good server without a problem though.

    If this won't help, I can create a caching module for this plugin should you agree to fund it's development.

  • Hello Vasco,

    I'm running elgg 1.5 with no HTML widget. I have English and French installed (using English on my admin accout and French on my normal user account). You can check it out at

    Any help would be welcome.

  • Okko, it must be the encoding. The plugin's demo version is encoded and can interfere with some languages. Full version is not encoded and shouldn't cause you trouble. Which version do you use?

    In case it's a full version, please give me the FTP connection and admin account to your site and I will investigate the problem.

  • Vazco, I'm still using the free version. I'm still testing elgg and as long as there is no decision about further developing this page, we won't invest in a proprietary plugin, although I definitively think your plugin is a great tool.

  • @ Okko

    I had the same problem.
    After I changed in the CSS

    #layout_canvas .content{
        padding: 20px;


    #layout_canvas .content{
        padding: 0px;

    it worked fine.


  • I will include this fix and make a new release soon.

  • wait, then it's not correct on the mainpage...

    better you do it like this:


    <?php if ($background){?>
        background: <?php echo $background;?>;

    <?php }?>

    #index_left {
    #index_right {

    Then everything is fine..

  • Vazco, How much it would cost to tell me how to make the widgets I see in my Dashboard are shwon in your main 3 columns page? because I cannot see them here it says that there is nothing available yet but I have entered information on every widget shown.

    And if you would mind I share that information here.

  • Merce,

    I'm not sure I understood you well. You want to migrate teh widgets from the dashboard to the main page, is this correct? Mainpage widgets and dashboard/profile widgets are two separate things. You can send me the list of all the widgets you would like to migrate and I will give you the price.




  • No migrate, for example if in my dashboard I can see my quote of the day, or my videos, of the blog or the page I've created, why I cannot see them on the main page as latest or recent pages, latest blogs, latest events etc, before I login. That is see them in both places.

  • Merce, I get it now.

    You will see on the main page all the informations that are set to public. You input the informations as a private or for logged in users - that's probably why you don't see them on the main page.


    When you log in and go to main page, you will see all the information that are set for logged in users as well (and all your private informations)

  • Mike, yes that is what I meant.

    But I have set to public some widgets and It does not works by the moment.

  • Merce,

    it's not the widgets you have to set to public, but data inside. If you want to display a video on a main page, edit this video and set this event's access level to public. This should help.

  • Mike,

    Haaa! ok I see.

    Thank you!

  • I have installed simple_neutral theme , does this work with new themes. Any help appreciated

  • Jaypee,

    you can try installing the demo version to see if it will work with your theme. In case there are some problems, usually they can be taken care of with a few simple CSS modifications.

  • absolutely fantastic!

    PM me the cost of funding the cache mechanism.



  • How to put a register form on main page 

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