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You can customize your main page and login page by dragging-and-dropping widgets on it.

This plugin is also a great way to put advertisements on yor main page. Since users often look at main page's widgets, placing advertisements there will be very efective. It's adviced to rotate your advertisements with your widgets, in order to prevent ad blindness in your users. If well used, this plugin can significantly improve income you get from your site.



After installing the plugin, you get additional link on your administration page - "mainpage widgets". After clicking this screen, you can customize your service's main page with the use of the following panel:

Thanks to this panel you can place your mainpage widgets any way you want. You can also add any HTML text in between the widgets by using the HTML widget element.


Simply place your HTML inside the element, and it will be displayed on the front page in the place where you put it:



mainpage for logged in users:

Note: login boxes and text from external pages will still stay on top of your main page. Also, if a new extension for a main page is created, it will be displayed below the widgets you defined in the mainpage widgets plugin.

It is very easy to extend this plugin. If you want to develop a new widget for the main page, you can add it to mainpage widgets with only one line of code.


The version uploaded here is a demo version. It has limit of 2 widgets per column, and won't save the content of your HTML widgets.

  • Vazco, I purchased your full widget and I seem to have a problem.

    Whenever I enter my Admin and go to "Mainpage Widgets" which is list at the top of the left hand side admin list, as soon as I enter I notice that sometimes it has the few widgets it allows me to place in Mainpage and then sometimes it knocks some of them off to the list of widgets on the right hand side.

    Even after re placing them to the left or right panel, if I repeat the above sequence of events, the same happens?

    Also I am trying to enter the following HTML code in one of the "HTML element" widgets;

    <table style="font-size: 9px; color: #888888; text-decoration: none; font-family: Verdana"><tr><td><script  type='text/javascript'  src=""></script></td></tr><tr><td><div style="text-align: right; font-size: 9px; text-decoration: none; color: #888888;font-family: Verdana"><a href="" style="text-decoration: none;">toolbar</a> powered by Conduit</div></td></tr></table>

    But again the widget doesn't hold in the left or right panel I choose and also doesn't hold ANY of the code mentioned above, any ideas why this is happening?


  • Hello Rob,

    I'll investigate it ASAP. When exactly did you buy the plugin? I fixed a few minor bugs after release, and I can send you the updated code. It may fix the problem.

    I tried to upload your HTML code to the my site, and it worked (you can see the code on the bottom of the right column, I'll delete it tomorrow). Maybe this is some local setting of yours. In this case, it would help greatly if you could give me a temporary admin access to your site.


    Also, I used algorithm that uses :: and %% as delimeters (the same was used for profile widgets). If you place double :: or double %% in your HTML code (the ones before those causing trouble), it may cause problems. I can switch this to something safer.

  • Hey - as I suggested this idea here can I have a free copy as the promotion states on your website?


  • Hey guys, I'm real new to this. Any of you know of a plugin that can make me change or edit the header, graphicss and all that? thanks a heap!

  • @jimbob,

    you can get the discount for the future widgets only when you fund the widget's development. Development is usually more expensive than the price of the widget in a public sale, so to compensate for this, if widget that was developed sells good, developer gets a discount for a future widgets.


    @wolvie you must search for a theme, and a theme development.

  • there is one thing that really gets me, and that is when open source programming becomes a tool for people to make money, i have developed mods for elgg and shared them with the community because it is open source, i know developers put in a lot of hours, i have spent far too many nights up till the early hours. 

    Personally I think opensource should remain free to use and if you need professional help developing stuff further for your own needs or setting up that requires professional service then a fee should be applied.

  • @trademark If you put so much work in Elgg, then you should be rewarded somehow. Taking money for plugins allows me to lower the development costs, what is good for everyone. It allows to develop more professional plugins as well. My commercial plugins have demo versions that are free, and sometimes fully functional, what makes community develop. I created a proper page for this discussion. Please comment only the plugin here.

  • @ Geneintheuk, I agree and whilst I am truly skint at present for many reasons (One of which becoming a first time father *gulp* lol, I appreciate the freebie plugins but I am not averse to putting my hand in my pocket if I can, as it's obviously something I want / need to make me consider doing so. Although I am new to elgg and I am wary at present, not knowing the value = delivery of plugin products but I will learn as time goes by, I am only 10 days in to elgg.

    @ Vazco, I purchased it 2 nights ago (check for a paypal payment from shopfullstop) please contact me by way of private message on here to take this further and help me get to the bottom of what I posted above.


  • The problem reported by Rob was solved. Since noone encountered problems at plugins's GPL version, I'm not updating it right now.

  • The Admin panel only shows a blank area in the content part of my site.

  • Zeronix, you're using the GPL version, right? What is the URL (address) of the page that shows you the blank area?

    [ I suppose this is probably something not related to this plugin ]

  • Lively, Dhrup, GenuineUK, this discussion was moved. Please use this link. I pasted your posts there. It's best if comments here stay strictly technical and plugin-related.

  • for the gpl version is there anyway to modfiy the blog widget to show only the titles ?

  • yes, there is. You may look at views/default/vazco_mainpage/widgets/blog.php

  • i did have a look at it but have no idea what to change ... if and when you have time a little help would be highly appreciated...

  • @Madshark, you would have to use:

    $blogs = get_entities('object','blog',0,4,false, false, false);       

    instead of:

    $blogs = list_entities('object','blog',0,4,false, false, false);       

    and create the foreach loop. Then use in the loop the:

    $blog->getUrl() to get the blog's url, and I think $blog->name to get the title

    Unfortunately I can't help you more, since I have to focus on paying clients. You can check the mailing list for additional help too.

  • my blog.php seems to only have the below is there another file i should be looking at to imply the changes you mentioned... and totally understand about the paying clients no fuss if you dont reply this.

            //grab the latest 4 blog posts. to display more, change 4 to something else
            $blogs = list_entities('object','blog',0,4,false, false, false);       
            <!-- latest blogs -->
            <div class="index_box">
                <h2><?php echo elgg_echo("custom:blogs"); ?></h2>
                    if (isset($blogs))
                        echo $blogs; //display blog posts


  • I have a strange problem with the plugin.
    In the mainpage widget i can only drag as much widgets as i want.
    But the mainpage (frontpage) shows only two widgets on every side.
    Back in the admin mainpage widget both sides shows only two widgets, before it had been three.
    So the system cuts the list after two widgets on every side. - I don`t know why?

    An other prob is, the Html-elements wont work. After draging them to the left or right widget box it will kicked off from there lists.

    Does anybody know whats wrong?

  • @ Michi

    As you can read in the NOTE section of the plugin description, this is the demo version of the plugin. It has such limitations as you described.



  • Ahh, i forgot to read the Note, right.
    Does the Html-element also understand php-code?
    15 Bugs are very okay.

  • @michi No, it won't understand the PHP code, only HTML. You will be able to create your own widgets with any PHP code you like quite easily though.

  • Has the "3-column layout" variable columns-width?
    Or only as I see at
    If they are not variable, it`s easy to change the width in the CSS?

  • Michi, it's easy to change the column width in CSS. You have to know that you would have to change the CSS for some of the widgets as well (all possible to do in CSS)

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