ImprovedMessages/改进的站内信 v0.20

Release Notes

New version released in plugin pack from snow.

Please test it in local site before activate it on a public site.



Extrat both the messages and straycat_bag folder into your mod path.

If you're using my ImprovedRiverdashboard or ImprovedProfile at the same time,plz uninstall the pack_of_roamingcat plugin.straycat_bag is a replacement of it.

What's new from 0.15

  • Bug fixes.
  • Now delete single message in inbox and sent box via ajax.
  • Rewrited part of inbox and sent box html structure and CSS.
  • No need to include origin message in reply.I'll show it for who recieves your message.


  • Removed message title.I hate thinking of a extractly title for message.
  • Read messages right in inbox and sent view,just like in google reader.
  • Use friends pick to pick who sent to in compose view.


  • Sent to multi people.(I'm not sure when I will do this.)

Screen Shots





This cat has travelled far far away and dont know when will come back.I still remember my promises.Sorry,guys.


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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