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****** This version has no bugs, but check the 2.0 which implement a few ehanced features *********

a very simple one :)

- Download it

- Unzipp in the mod folder

- activate

- enable / disable simplecache

and now you should see the number of days since the last login of a user, on his profile page, under his profile photo

  • I was JUST asking about this kind of plugin the other day - Awesome, thank you! Works like a charm! I have one idea/question: When someone is online it currently says "Last Login: 0 Days". How can I change it so it says something like "Last Login: Online Now" when they are online, "Last Login: Earlier Today" if they were on earlier in the day, and "Last Login: Yesterday" if they were on yesterday - Then, if it is more than one day ago, displaying the date of when they were last on rather than how many days they haven't been on?

  • Hi,

    You just need to edit the views/defaut/lastlogin/profile_extend file and manage a different kind of display.

    You need to make some changes to the language file too :)



  • langs and css can be made by ourselfes - i´m shure you all have that knowledge ;)

  • You can use:

    $contents .= friendly_time($lastlogin_date);

    To see time it makes from last login.

  • You can also change:

    $lastlogin_date = $vars['entity']->last_login;


    $lastlogin_date = $vars['entity']->last_action;

    If your user not logout on every session the "last_login" shows a date for a few days ago.

  • Would be so cool if users could turn this feature off or on... just a thought.

  • Hi guys, some of your feedbacks are now implemented in version 2.0


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