Vanilla forum integration v0.5

Release Notes

This plugin allows Elgg to control login and logout of Vanilla forum (that is, single signon and sign out via Elgg), adds Vanilla forum to the Tools menu, and adds the Elgg topbar to Vanilla. Profile links in Vanilla are redirected to the Elgg profile. Discussions and comments posted in Vanilla appear in the Elgg activity river.

It includes a recent version of Vanilla forum (Vanilla 1.1.7) from

Please read the included README.txt carefully for detailed installation instructions. Do not activate this plugin until you have followed the README instructions!

Note: this plugin requires the PHP Curl extension.

This plugin does not do anything to your Elgg install except add Vanilla events to your activity river. Nevertheless at this early stage it is probably best not used in a production site.

  • If you already have a theme for a vanilla install - what files would need copying into the theme? Just the menu & head php files?

  • Kevin - Is this integration meant to replace the existing group discussion functionality? If it is presently a standalone addition, can it be made to replace the group discussion? I see no reason to double up on forums but would certainly prefer something with this functionality.

  • Okay I installed the plugin and transferred over my existing database - But I'm having trouble getting it to use the elgg login - it still uses the old vanilla logins. It could be due to the fact that my elgg installation is in its own folder and not in root?

    Clues anyone?

  • @jededitor - this is not meant for a separate Vanilla install. It uses the Vanilla that comes with the plugin. It should have nothing to do with where your Elgg is.

    @Chiinook - you can get group Vanilla forums by uncommenting the appropriate code in start.php. But note that this plugin does *not* enforce Elgg group access controls.

  • So as I was saying

    I installed the  plugin - transferred the databse over but I am not getting the top bar or the elgg login...

  • @jededitor - not sure what you mean by "transferred the database over".

    The install instructions are in the README.txt. If you follow those, it should work. Sounds to me like you are doing something else.

  • I already had a vanilla forums setup in a seperate directory using part of the elgg mysql database ( a hangover from 0.9 +vanillaforum plugin days). When I installed the plugin version I set it up to use that database... works fine and the plugin see's all the old stuff but it doesn't use the topbar or elgg login?

  • @jededitor - no idea but this plugin is not designed to migrate existing Vanilla installs. I suggest that you follow the README.txt instructions and make sure that works first.

  • @Kevin: Could you elloborate a little bit about your theory behind getting an external Forum like Vanilla in an Elgg install? Is this to say we accept the Forum in Elgg is not that great and instead, rely on that to mature we are quicker with integrating one like Vanilla?

  • @Tom - this is just another option. For many sites, the standard groups forum will be just fine.

  • @Kevin - Thanks - yes, that is how we use our (medical)site succesfull now. Still, the discussion/forums in standard Elgg are not yet "viral" and "addictive" enough to stimulate site growth. Ah, would be off-topic here ;)

  • @kevin

    I did - how do you think I managed to install the database?

  • @Kevin - Great plugin and it is working well on my site at the moment. However, the topbar in Vanilla disappears when logged out. Is there a way to keep the topbar visible even after logging out?

  • @jededitor - I'm happy to help you, but I can't spend a lot of time on something the plugin does not currently support. The README.txt does not describe an installation process involving an existing Vanilla database.

  • @tcherokee - No, the topbar is only for logged-in users (as it is for standard Elgg as well). I would be interested on views on what should/could go here if you do want to allow non-logged-in users to read Vanilla posts. This was not a requirement when I wrote the plugin so I have not really thought about that. (Perhaps a link back to the Elgg site?)

  • @Kevin, I am currently using vasco_topbar, which displays the topbar with a register link and a login form, when users are logged out. I'ld like to also have this to be displayed on the forum, so if users from search engines, for instance, arrive at the forum, the can register or login from there without having to go to the homepage.

    That aside, I think having the topbar with possibly a link back to the elgg site or the register page will be useful. It will enable non-savvy internet users to easily get to the home page or the register page without having to amend the url

  • @kevin

    I think I've figured it out - its down to a combination of modified site & plugins.

    I'll have to revert to my original independant vailla setup. but I suspect parts of your code can be used to get it to use the elgg login. Do you want to take this on as a job?

  • @Kevin,

    I was wondering what you think would have to be done in order to substitute phpBB with the Vanilla forum that you built around? Also, any word on the JQuery incompatability and getting that fixed? If so, I can live with the Vanilla sub-category solution.

  • Is there a way to get the new posts from the forum on the frontpage?
    So that Users can see whats up in the forum.

  • @michi

    Yes - get Vazcos mainpage plugin - put an html box on the front page and then drop the url for the categories page of your forums. Should work okay and may look a bit untidy but it will do until someone writes a proper widget to do it.

  • Both the JS fix and a front page view should be in the next release of this plugin next week.

  • Is there any way to set additional administration rights as it seems to only recognized the first admin and non of the other admins on our site

  • I doubt there is through the Vanilla interface, no, as the account page is deliberately removed.

    You could always assign an admin role_id (4) by editing the user record in the Vanilla database using phpMyAdmin.

  • Question: seems when I create a discussion and save it, the redirect is to a completely blank page (no vanilla interface, no elgg interface, no topbar, nothing). The URL that I'm redirected to is http://XXX/mod/vanillaforum/vanilla/post.php which is blank. Any thoughts on the issue here?

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