Vanilla forum integration v0.5

Release Notes

This plugin allows Elgg to control login and logout of Vanilla forum (that is, single signon and sign out via Elgg), adds Vanilla forum to the Tools menu, and adds the Elgg topbar to Vanilla. Profile links in Vanilla are redirected to the Elgg profile. Discussions and comments posted in Vanilla appear in the Elgg activity river.

It includes a recent version of Vanilla forum (Vanilla 1.1.7) from

Please read the included README.txt carefully for detailed installation instructions. Do not activate this plugin until you have followed the README instructions!

Note: this plugin requires the PHP Curl extension.

This plugin does not do anything to your Elgg install except add Vanilla events to your activity river. Nevertheless at this early stage it is probably best not used in a production site.

  • @Crusader - are you sure that this has anything to do with this plugin? Do you have the same issues if it is deactivated?

  • Awesome Mod Kevin worked first time for me no problems even with quite a few other mods installed.

    The only problem i have is whenever i post a new comment i get forwarded to a blank page but when i navigate back the post is their. Any ideas why this is happening?

  • @Glynn Allen - The plugin requires the PHP Curl extension. It must be failing when trying to curl a notification to Elgg. I'll add that requirment to the plugin description.

  • @Kevin Thanks Kevin that worked like a charm :)

  • @Kevin No.  There are no issues when Vanilla is deactivated.  As I said earlier, I don't have any other plugins other than default and Vanilla activated (Vanilla is at the bottom of the plugin list).

  • @Kevin  All is fine until I click on the Vanilla Settings tab and then select Application Settings.  Then everything starts giving me a 403 & 404 errors.

  • @Crusader - I've no idea. I just tried that myself. Went to Application Settings and changed some settings. Everything still worked as expected.

    All I can suggest is that you drop the Vanilla database tables, delete the plugin, download it again and do a complete re-install. It sounds like you may be missing some files actually.

  • @Kevin - Seems the most logical option, I'll do that.  I'm at work right now, but I'll let you know how it turns out later.  Thanks.

  • Hey Kevin,

    Nice mod. Question though: I'm having problems reordering the categories that I set up. It appears that the categories, once they are created, are greyed out and can't be moved/re-ordered. I was curious as to whether you are seeing this error and whether it may be associated with the role that is assigned to the account that I am using to administer my elgg site?

    Nice work, otherwise. Well done ...

  • @NeilR - yes I can duplicate the problem and no it isn't due to the roles. It's a Javascript error. I fear that it may be due to an incompatibility between jQuery (needed for the Elgg topbar and the plugin itself) and the native Vanilla javascript.

    If a JS guru can submit a patch to the Vanilla JS I would be happy to include it in a future release.

  • Hey Kevin,

    I just checked the Vanilla site and there appears to be an add on for Vanilla associated with jQuery (see ). I'll load it up and see if it clears up the problem ...

  • @Kevin,

    There's a note for developers of extensions for Vanilla (which I'm assuming you are to be included since it appears you have written an extension for Vanilla to get this mod to work). It indicates that you need to call JQuery from your extension using includeJQuery(); in order to ensure that JQuery is loaded first. 

    I haven't looked at your code but could you take a look and see if you've done this? There wasn't any problem putting the Vanilla add-on in place but it didn't make any difference ...

  • Great plugin, i tested and it works absolutely %100.Thank you Kevin

  • Just an up date I have loads of other mods installed and have had absolutely no issues with the installation or the functioning

    I have uploaded a bunch of vanilla themes/styles and extensions some work some don't

    If I could figure out a way to make vanillas permissions work with the elgg membership it would be great but i don't think this is possible

    anyway It works for us on our test site


  • Thank you Kevin! Works like a charm! Nice work!

    @Alexander Not a bad idea! I would like an Integration of SMF into elgg, but I think this is a bit more complicated. I think the immediate action must be waiting for the official stable release of SMF 2.0 ;-)

  • Hi Kevin, just noticed that when i enable vanilla, it disables the custom_index function when logged out. Any input? Thanks.

  • @elggboy - I know nothing about that plugin. What do you mean by "disabled" exactly? The Vanillaforum plugin over-rides the logout action in order to logout out of Vanilla and so is definitely not compatible with any other plugin that over-rides the logout action.

  • @Malaga Jack - Adding access control is another possible step but as this is a large piece of work it would need to be funded by a client. If you look in the start.php for this plugin you will see that per-group Vanilla forums were supported but that this code is commented out. This is because the code does not (yet) enforce group access controls.

  • Hi Kevin

    I was hoping in the next version you would be able to add a widget to this plugin which would show the latest discussion etc.. Any possiblity of this happening?

  • Hi Kevin

    Very impressive. I haven't tried to install but I was wondering if this this pluggin sends notification if someone responds to one of your posts or comments.

  • So I jumped in and installed. I have some bugs to report

    1. In the README.txt  'step 2' contains an error. The url to navigate is missing a trailing slash

    It shoud be ->> http://your-elgg-url/mod/vanillaforum/vanilla/ <<-

    2. *All* the urls have the hostname:port



  • @elggar - sounds like you have some .htaccess problems on your server. The URL closing slash should not matter and no port is added. Neither of these are bugs so far as I can see.

  • @Glynn Allen - the plugin already adds to the activity river and there is an activity widget.

  • I'm running a virgin elgg install on an on of the box yum installed centos apache. The VPS is about a week old and I've got nothing else running on the box. Anyway, whatever, I'm not going to kill myself getting to the bottom of this. I just thought it would be useful to get my findings on the public record, in case anyone else comes across the same issues.  Cheers


  • Everything in this seems to work just fine except for the categories. I am completely unable to rearrange them and it seems to me that they organize themselves at random. The categories section of settings shows the 4-way cursor like I should be able to drag and arrange the catagories but I am unable. Anyone here figure out how to organize the categories for vanilla? 

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